Thursday, January 7, 2010

cream buns and really really realy bad news for me

I got my test results back today and I tested positive for coeliac disease. The doctor has sent me to a specialist so I'm not quite sure the extend of it but am pretty devastated right now.

I mean it's great that I don't have something serious, but bread is one of my major comfort foods. I just keeping thinking of more and more things that I can't eat like falafel, dumplings, my favourite mock meats, lebanese pizza, regular soy sauce etc. I have toast every single morning for breakfast and from what I have heard and the few I have tried, most g/f breads seem to suck.

I've been running around the house checking that things are g/f like Cheezly, thank god!

I'm still not sure what I can and can't eat but Lena has already been super helpful as I've asked her a thousand questions and discovered some interesting things like I need to be careful that my soymilk doesn't have barley in it, I didn't even know that barley was a gluten based product.

Even though I made g/f recipes lots of times like rice, nachos, and rice noodles I am feeling really stuck right now and just want to eat bread so if you have any awesome gluten free vegan recipes or blogs please share!

In other sad news for me, I just discovered that la panella sells yummy vegan cream buns, the cream is a little hard and almost icing like in texture, but they are pretty tasty and super sweet, just my type of dessert!


  1. Bad luck about the gluten thing... I get how it will be a shit to negotiate considering your love of bread, but I reckon you'll start to adjust pretty quickly. And there's always Tart'n'Round to help you along the way! The important thing is that you're healthy and feeling good :)

  2. OMG, what's in falafel that's not gf? I'm glad you know what's wrong, though, and you can head towards working that out and being healthy and okay.

    Post a list of things you need to make gf, we can brainstorm or link!

    I find book of yum really good if you don't read it - all gf, it's vego but they do a lot of vegan recipes and suggest mods to make some of the vego recipes vegan.


  3. Oh shame :(

    I'm sure you will thrive and gain plenty of new knowledge and before you know it you will be a g/f expert and you won't even miss it (often!) just like with non-vegan foods.

    (Thanks for the heads up about the cream buns, though!!)


  4. Hey Kristy, the falafel I make is GF. Let me know if you want the recipe!

  5. *hugs*

    [Those donuts are delicious though.]

  6. Oh you poor thing!

    Kittee has an awesome vegan XgfX blog:

    And the fatfreevegan blog has a g/f tag: that may be useful?

  7. Bummer, Kristy! I guess it's better to know what's wrong though, so you can do something about it? As far as I know, pretty much all Orgran products are gluten free so you can stock up with them on biscuits, pastry mixes, etc. And you should try some gf bread mixes for your breadmaker, they might be nicer than storebought.

  8. you need to go to tart n round to cheer yourself up with one of their peanut chocolate balls and get a loaf of their bread - I think it is the one my sister gets and she says it is one of the best gf breads.

    I tag my recipes in my Blog Index gf and the cuisines that seem easiest to find gf are mexican and indian foods - as are lots of salads and soups so I am sure you will find yourself able to make lots of good food at home

    eating out will be hard but there are lots of gf blogs and more and more gf foods in the shops

    My sister and niece are celiac so I have seen it is an adjustment but it is possible

  9. Aw that sucks Kristy. What a giant pain in the bum.

    Well, in good news, you have gone vegan and once you worked out everything you can and can't eat it became a bit exciting discovering new stuff right? Hopefully you can apply the same here. I know, not much consolation when you can smell someone cooking toast, but you will find your way for sure! :)

    There are a bunch of vegan gluten free blogs out there too - here's one I check out:

  10. Oh, and this other one: