Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gluten Free Eat Pizza and Jelly Beans

Today is my first official gluten free day, and I have loads of gluteny posts from all of my last gluteny meals but right now I want to talk about my first gluten free day. Two things make it better, first vegan strongman Ivan gave me gluten free vegan jellybeans. They are pretty awesome and taste quite fruity, except for the green flavoured one, why do green jellybeans suck so much?

It was far too hot to cook, so we went to Eat Pizza. Eat pizza, is a regular pizza place that just happens to have soy cheese (cheezly) and vegan salami. Their wholemeal and gluten free bases are vegan, but I'm not sure about the regular pizza base. They have a store in Glenroy, and Maribyrnong but I've only ever been to the Maribyrnong one, although it looks like the Glenroy store is just as yummy. Ivan and Toby shared a small garlic wholemeal pizza:

It was Ivan's first trip to Eat pizza and like us he was impressed with the amount of the cheezly, although both Toby and him agreed that they thought the garlic pizza wasn't garlicy enough.

They also shared a margarita with vegan salami and both agreed this was their favourite. Sadly the salami is not gluten free though. And again check out how much cheezly?

I tried their gluten free base, with the traditional vegetarian toppings plus pineapple. Gluten free bases tends to be thinner, but this was by far the best gluten free pizza that I have had so far, although I must admit I have only had 3 g/f pizzas. They made their own g/f bases, the crust was still a little hard, and the pizza itself is hard to cut into it, but it was really pleasant to eat. No major issues at all and really not that different to regular pizza. Big thumbs up from g/f me and the gluten eaters.

Eat Pizza
44 Raleigh Rd,
(03) 9317 7977



  1. I have a jar of green jelly beans. When it's full I'm taking a photo, no idea why really. Then I don't know what I'll do with them.

    What brand are these jelly beans and where do they come from? I'd prefer to stop giving as much money to Nestlé.

  2. You're so right - the green ones always have that weird bitter taste.

    It is great to see a restaurant be generous with something like cheezly! I've only tried cheezly the once and wasn't entirely in love, but I think my problem was eating it straight, not melted..?


  3. Good to hear the Eat Pizza g/f bases are still good - I think I am going to head there this weekend, those pizzas look so good!

  4. I have never seen this blog before!

    But woohoo for gf vegan jelly beans and gf pizza! If you come to Sydders you will have to try the gf at Basil, it's great!

  5. Danni, I thought you found some green jelly bean fan to give them to? The brand is Rhodes Fine confectioners, but the label is quite small. Ivan found them in the normal lolly section of safeway. They are from China though.

    Hannah, I had years of not eating cheese, so I can't really remember what cheese tastes like so to me it tastes like the real thing.

    Vicki, sounds like a great plan.

    Mandee, ohhh the link is on my old blog. I really want to try the g/f options in Sydney, one day!

  6. ooh looks great! I tried to email you about maybe hosting a vegan potluck around easter but the email bounced... can you add me to your list?
    thanks :)