Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tart N Round Closing :-(

I got the email in my inbox today informing me that:

Tart'n'round Cafe closing

Tart'n'round cafe/restaurant will be closed as of Monday the 1st of March. Come in this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, for a meal and stock up on our yummy sweets , ice cream and vegan cheese.

Tart'n'round will continue to wholesale the yummy balls, biscuits, slices and ice cream.

If you have any inquiries please go to the website otherwise we will see you this week
I thank all of you for your support and patronage

Kind Regards
Andrew Schubert

And I seriously wanted to cry. The last time I was super sad about a cafe closing was when vegetarian orgasm closed but this is worse. Being able to go to one place and knowing that I can eat everything, that everything is both gluten free and vegan was just awesome and incredibly rare. Especially after being accidentally fed gluten at a vegetarian restaurant, and eating the horrible and possibly not vegan food at a gluten free cafe. It's where I felt safe as a new coeliac and I can't express how relieving and important that has been! It's also the first and currently the only place where I have found cereal that is filling, tasty and had the right amount of crunch. Please please please wholesale your cereal!

cereal-buckwheat kernals, nut clusters and lots of yummy dried fruit

Also, the savoury options just kept on improving. There served FILLING and pretty well priced gluten free food which tends to be expensive. I could go there and gets regular things like a gluten free burger and a pizza and feel less like a freak (I had a post coming up about my most recent visit but can't find the pictures). And they introduced me to flat gluten free bread. Plus I was going to have my birthday celebration there next month, I wonder if they will still make me a birthday cake even though that's really not wholesale business. I know a few people who thought the desserts were too over the top and unhealthy, but they were my type of dessert- rich, decadent and so delicious.

I think it makes me a little angry too because the owners are really nice, and I've noticed the smaller places like this and Las Vegan (who everyone begged to be opened in the evenings) are often empty in the evening yet large impersonal places like vegie bar that serve pretty average food are always super busy.

I'm going to squeeze in one or two last visits this weekend and stock up on cereal and other things, so please don't buy the last packet of cereal.

Thanks for listening to me rant!


  1. This made me sad. I'd just told a few coeliac friends from work to go check it out too :(

    I agree, it is sad that the really awesome, but small places like tart n round struggle to get by and end up having to close, when places that don't match up food or service wise, like Veggie bar or lord of the fries are always packed. Probably the thing that hurt them was their location, the problem a lot of small, new cafes would face - they can't afford a more visible, central location, and only get a small following of loyal, regular customers where they can afford.

    I'd assume they will still continue their web orders, which currently includes their cakes. If not, you'll have to talk them into giving you the peanut caramel cake recipe on the weekend :)

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
    i only got to go here once.
    if they had opened a year earlier i would have been able to patron the fuck out of them whilst i still lived in melbourne. i was really excited about their stall at the world vegan day thing in '08 and spent most of my day's money there.
    :( such a shame. they made my coeliac vegan belly so happy and feel so safe with no risk of crumb contamination or buttery gluten free bread or nothin. waaaaaah, kristy!

  3. I'm really sorry for you Kristy :( This just plain sucks!

  4. Oh that is so sad - and I had planned to take a coeliac friend there when she was next in town. And I almost got there on Wednesday but was too distracted. I just liked having some interesting food - apart from that they ticked all your boxes kristy. I am glad they are still selling their food elsewhere.

  5. That sucks! I've heard so many good things about this place!

  6. Do you have the now ex-owners contact details? I would love to be able to get my hands on any of their products. Who do they wholesale to? They were amazing. They should write a cook book because seriously they were awesome!