Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monk Bodhi Dharma and Toby's Operation

On Friday night last week Toby found out that he would be going in for an operation on Monday morning, we guessed it would be a while before he could eat out and so decided to make the most of the situation by eating out a lot last weekend. The first place he chose was the relatively new veg cafe- Monk Bohi Dharma. Based on the name and the menu on their website I was expecting a hippyish place but instead found this hipster interior:
Toby was a little bit more aware as he had heard about their coffee, he ordered a 3/4 soy latte which he was said was up there in quality with seven seeds coffee (his fav). I ordered a gluten free orange and almond muffin, it was delish, incredibly moist and had a sweet orange glace on top. Anyone who does a vegan g/f muffin gets my thumbs up.
We shared the christian and moore stew from the lunch menu which consisted of black beans, veggies and rice with homemade mango chutney on top, the stew was very tasty and had a rich thyme flavour and you could actually feel the mango pieces in your mouth. Between sharing the muffin and the stew I was full. I had the genmachai tea- japanese green tea with roasted rice, it was awesome.
The breakfast menu consists of things like toast with feta and avocado and bircher muesli that don't appear to be vegan or gluten free friendly but as the waiter explained most of the breakfast options can be adapted to be vegan and a few can be made g/f. The lunch menu on the other hand tends to be mostly g/f and vegan. I think it's worth crossing the river for.

Toby has come out of the hospital and is fine now but won't be able to cook, do any housework or much else for about 6 weeks so you might not being hearing from us as frequently.

Monk Bodhi Dharma
Rear 202 Carlisle St, Balaclava
9534 7250


  1. Oh, that's just up that road from me, and I had no idea it even existed! I know what I'm doing for breakfast tomorrow! Thanks!

  2. Good luck with the recovery - shall be thinking of you both, and hope you can enjoy lots of easy, nourishing foods and watch lots of silly movies and tv for laughs :D

  3. I hope the op wasn't anything major and that you are feeling better soon, Toby.

    *virtual hugs**


  4. Best wishes to toby for a speedy recovery - glad you could find a nice place to eat out before the op - hope the medical people were nice to both of you! The muffin sounds great and I quite like the distressed look of the place even if it is a bit self conscious - if only it were not so far away!

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  6. I hope Toby feels better soon!

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