Monday, July 19, 2010

Upcoming chocolate vegan cookbook...

Those of you who went to the g/f potluck, may remember Keira's standout amazing caramel slice. She is working on a vegan chocolate themed cookbook which includes the caramel slice recipe, as well as recipes for cheesecakes, fudge and much more. I have been lucky enough to test out a few of the g/f recipes, yes several recipes are g/f! I've made a couple of things so far but this is the only one that I took photos of. It is chocolate hazelnut slice, which has buckwheat flour in it. This was my first time using buckwheat flour in a dessert and I was pretty pleased that you couldn't taste the buckwheat. This slice was pretty easy to make and is delicious. It also makes a great dessert for sharing and is just as tasty the next day.

Between this recipe and the caramel slice recipe, I've already decided that this cookbook is a winner. I can't wait til it comes out!


  1. Is this the one you gave me to taste? It was yummy!

  2. Yes, it was very yummy indeed!

  3. Sure was Elizabeth!

    Nikki, it was pretty yummy, she is one smart cookie :-)

  4. looks excellent - am not sure if I tasted the caramel slice at the pot luck but wish I had - I love buckwheat flour - it has a lovely nutty flavour that is great in moderation