Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby Shower Cupcakes and Disaster Day

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster day, first I went for a jog (with Lisa) and came home to discover that we did not have any water, which meant nothing to drink and no shower for sweaty me. I wasted a good 45 minutes, talking to the neighbours, calling the water company and just wondering how I was going to manage to get everything done before the 2pm baby shower. It was going to be a rushed as it was, but the lack of water made it worse and I really did feel sweaty, dehydrated and gross. It also made making cupcakes tricky since we really needed to do dishes. Toby suggested that I abandon making them which in hindsight would have been a good idea, except I had stayed up the night before making baby shower decorations: prams and bottles (from a mould from here) which would have been wasted. Somehow though we got them made with lots of swearing, heaps of paper towels and antibacterial hand wipes wasted. It really did make a masterchef pressure test seem easy, they at least have water and clean measuring cups/spoons.

Although we really needed to do dishes to make icing and desperately needed a shower before heading off to the baby shower. I was all packed and ready to go to Cindy and Michael's who kindly said yes to me showering and making the icing there when the water finally come back on. It was only when the icing was done that I tried a cupcake with a bit of icing and discovered that the cupcakes had the bitter after taste of quinoa, which isn't exactly a flavour that I wanted in my cupcakes. I had made the chocolate gluten free cupcakes from vctotw, so not sure what went wrong or if it just that quinoa flour sucks. We also couldn't find a crucial part to my icing gun so couldn't pipe the icing like I normally do.

But it gets worse! I arrived at the baby shower with my pink horrible tasting cupcakes and then realised about 5 minutes into the baby shower that actually my friend was having a boy, not a girl, which meant my cupcakes, 'baby girl' wrapping paper and present were all a little inappropriate. And based on the expressions on saw on people's faces and a few comments I'm pretty sure that I was not alone in my dislike for the taste, they really did suck.

The one pic Toby took as I was running around like crazy trying to head out the door:
The leftovers, a little worse for wear:


  1. :( oh no, really does sound like a disaster!
    I think I would have been in tears.

  2. Oh I am cringing with you when I hear your story but I hope there was so appreciation for the work and thoughtfulness that went into these, even if it was pink.

    I understand about the water works - we had them last week and I ran a shower and was about to step in when the water cut out - I was most displeased and trying to think of how much water and wipes I had about the house - fortunatley it was only for about an hour but it does make you appreciate running water.