Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Weekend Part 2-Daiya and Roast potluck

Bec and Craig invited a small group of us over for a sunday roast, which kind of turned into a mini potluck. Here is the massive array of roasted vegies that they made:

and nutloaf which doesn't look pretty but really was fantastic:
served with a delicious gravy (I think it was made from this recipe)
Lisa made a yummy stew, which I stupidly didn't eat because I thought it wasn't g/f but which was packed with protein and flavour according to Toby:

Cindy made amazing chocolate berry mousse, you can read about the recipe here.

And Jo made a yummy apple and rhubarb dish.
We took some cider and leftover choc cupcakes:

We were also given some daiya cheese from the very generous Troy and Bec (different vegan Bec) who brought some back from their US trip. Over the last week we haven't managed to try it in several ways. First we made mac and cheese, but used only about half the required amount of cheese. This was creamy and delicious, but we couldn't really pinpoint the daiya flavour, so we sprinkled some more on top.
Then we made a toasted cheese sandwhich. This was perhaps my favourite way to use it. It's been a long time since I had a toasted sandwhich with actual cheese but this felt so close and the texture was spot on.
We did a little experiment with our pizza, with half cheezly and half daiya The daiya is on the left and the cheezly is on the right.. As you can tell the cheezly when grated is larger but the daiya had a stronger flavour and actually melted like cheese.

We added it on top of some lentil bologanise. I had to move it around a little to melt but it finished the dish off nicely.
We also made nachos, now check out how well it stretches:

Also on top of some baked potatoes.
We were super impressed with the daiya particuarly the texture when melted, probably the only complaint was that it wasn't so great raw, it's definitely a cooked cheese in my opinion. The flavour was pretty spot on too. Thanks again Bec and Troy, we really appreciate it!


  1. That cheese toasty looks so good! Now we just need Aussie shops to start selling Daiya.

  2. oh goodness, I wish that cheeze was available here! Everything looks delicious with the cheese. And roast veggies, well how can you go wrong :)


  3. yay! i can't wait 'til the radical grocery starts getting it in! (i think they said it will be soon...) my mother in the US won't stop bragging how great it is :D