Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Naked Espresso

On sat morning, we went to vegan brunch place Naked Espresso with fellow bloggers Mandee, Drossolalia and two lovely vegans, one from Melbourne and one from Sydney. It was so exciting to have a whole menu of brunch things to choose from, without any adaptions. Melbourne really needs more pure vegan brunch places. Toby's not really into sweet breakfasts so Bec and I decided to order one savoury breakfast and one sweet option and share.

We got the buckwheat pancakes which are g/f. They come with maple syrup, bananas and strawberries. They were a bit heartier in texture compared to regular pancakes but more filling and kind of felt healthier and still delicious.

We also shared the 'morning after' giant fryup. Toby had one of these to himself and loved the variety and you guessed it- the protein. Toby said it was the probably the best vegan big breakfast that he has had, he actually couldn't finish it, which was kind of weird. It contained two pieced of yummy gluteny toast, which were perhaps made on site. Also hashbrowns, baked beans, roasted tomatoes, fried mushrooms, spinach, redwood 'sausages' and 'bacon'. Toby had his with olive oil instead of the usual nuttelex. I really enjoyed the variety of this dish.

Leigh come out and introduced herself which was really lovely, the only downside was that they didn't have any dessert so I pouted a little while I read the options on the board that weren't available particularly vegan vanilla slice, but NEXT time!!!

Michael has already blogged about his experience here, with links to other blogs, yes since he's done the hardwork I'm being a bit slack.

Naked Espresso
9-2 Saturday and Sunday

126 King St



  1. You definitely have to come back on weekend so you can have one of each desserts!

  2. I got really excited and then realised this was in NSW. T_T sounds yummy!

  3. Isn't it really exciting when you can order anything on the menu? I never know what to get because I'm not used to the choice!

  4. Mandee, I really do.

    Kate, it's pretty cheap to fly there at the moment :-)

    Valla, so so exciting, I have the same problem.