Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Veg Gossip

  • Aduki is now taking pre-orders for the Australian Veg Food guide, if you pre order you can get one for $11.95 instead of $17.95. I was one of the many reviewers if that's not enough of a reason, well how about the fact that there are 200 vegan, vegetarian and veg friendly restaurants reviewed, also there is an ebook version.
There are 3 new veg restaurants:
  • In the CBD- there is 'Chan Healthy Vegetarian Option' at 10/422 Little Collins St. Here is the facebook page. It looks like asian style mockmeat with a small rotating menu.
  • In Northcote- there is Veggie Kitchen. A Taiwanese style veg resturant, which apparently even has Gluten Free dishes.
  • In East Brunswick- there is New Day Rising on Blyth St (near corner of nicholson st). It sells coffee and mostly toast options. Apparently they will have g/f toast too. Here's the small menu, I stole the pic from mess and noise:

  • White Lotus has re-opened
  • Toby said the new Lord of the Fries Sauce of the month-Wisconsin (Tangy Mustard Sauce) is really good, kind of like wasabi aioli but with mustard
  • Radical Grocery is now selling Linda McCartney products, their sausage rolls are yummo (I'm eating Gluten for a few weeks).


  1. I really liked the Wisconsin sauce for the first few mouthfuls, but I was sick of it by the end.

    Veggie Kitchen this weekend!!

  2. I liked the sausage rolls, but I like Cindy and Michael's Vausage rolls more, I think.


  3. Ha! Mess&Noise pinched that photo from me:

    Menu has changed since then and a "CLT" has been added, think veganBLT but not with facon.

    Veggie Kitchen is pretty good, I have had takeaway and the banquet.

  4. wow, thats awesome that you have so many new vegan eateries! If only Adelaide would catch on that fast.


  5. Michael, I'm excited!

    Steph, not yet, toby's going tomorrow but I'm not sure if it will kill me.

    Andrew, thanks for the photo and for the info about the recipe change?

    Rose, I forgot how spoiled we are sometimes.

  6. Is Yong Green in the new guide? They do a mean raw nachos and raw cheezcake. :D