Tuesday, December 7, 2010

High Tea at Langham Hotel

Warning: this post contain pics of some non-vegan food, a first for this blog but I wanted to demonstrate the differences between the options and ask how I can replicate the chocolate things. Also, these pics were taken by a camera phone so a bit small and blurry.

My brother got my mum, my sister and I vouchers to have high tea at langham last year for xmas, and with them about to expire we had to use them soon. We finally used them today since I had the day off work for my biopsy. So I had the biopsy at 9am and high tea at 2pm. What a mixed up day!

I was a little sceptial about whether I would be just given salad and fruit but was pleasantly suprised when this arrived.

On the bottom there was 3 different types of sandwiches, cucumber ones, avocado ones and one with eggplant, tomato and lettuce.

Then on the middle there was a range of expected fruit.

My fav layer though was the top was strawberries covered in drak chocolate and an amazing sago dessert. The sago dessert was unlike any other sago dessert I've had, it had a berry coulis, mango, and some sort of other flavour that reminded me of vanilla but was something else. I asked my mum who works in catering and she couldn't pinpoint it either. I suspected that the white substance was coocnut cream/milk but couldn't taste any coconut flavour so not sure what it was. There was so many flavours in my tiny dessert, it was truly great.

My mother and sister chose the langham classic high tea which comes with sandwiches, scones and a range of desserts. And my sister's friend chose the chocolate indulgence which was the same except all of the desserts included chocolate and it come with a chocolate brulee on the side.

This is the classic:

and this is the chocolate:

Mine lacked the outstanding level of detail on the desserts like this white and dark chocolate covered strawberry:

and this mini chocolate eclair:

I was in abosulte awe of the presentation of their desserts, which left me wondering where can I get vegan desserts that look so pretty or how can I make desserts that even closely resemble those?  Overall though I was pleasantly surprised and impressed that they could manage to do a vegan high tea even if it wasn't as pretty.

Aria Bar at Langham
1 Southgate Ave
VIC 3006


  1. High tea used to be my favourite thing when I was omni & I never thought I would be able to do it again so this makes me very, very happy!!

  2. I am sadly lacking in much high tea experience - this looks great - and they did well with a vegan serving - probably best not to wait and really challenge them by asking for vegan and gf.

  3. wow, thats wonderful that they were able to do a vegen high tea! Maybe they would make them a bit more decorative if you went with a whole group of vegans.
    I think the only high tea im going to ever have is if i hold one myself!


  4. Thank heavens you got something with both taste and novelty value in the sago! Bit of a shame that the vegan platter isn't quite as overflowing, but at least there was chocolate involved somewhere ;)