Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shakahari 3

Last week we went to Shakahari to celebrate my graduation and discovered that the menu has changed again since I last blogged about it only a few months ago. They still have an incredibly large number of g/f dishes, I think all six of their entrees and half of their mains are g/f. I was relieved to discover that they had kept a few of their classic dishes too like the avocado magic, satay legend and the croquettes. I managed to try everyone's dishes as well as order my own.

Toby and I shared the quinoa gnocchi (g/f), which doesn't look or taste much like gnocchi but was still delicious. The favour and texture reminded me a little of chinese style turnip cakes.

I couldn't resist ordering the croquettes de chine which are sadly not g/f but contain mashed potatoes, yam, macadamia nuts, pickled tunips with are served with kimchee, greens and an amazing tangy ginger sauce, these are still my favourite! My teenage sister enjoyed her share of this too I think even more than her own dish.

My mother ordered the satay legend, skewers with tofu, veg and seitan, served with rice greens, and pickles. She polished the plate and said that she loved it.

Toby ordered the laksa which comes with crispy tofu and tempeh. He requested for them to make it mild and I didn't get to try much of this but he said that it was rich in coconut flavour and that he really enjoyed the protein filled dish. It's a pricey laksa though at $19.50 but at least you can guarantee that's it vegan.

My teenage sister ordered the g/f pasta, which come with a pesto sauce, soy cheese and plenty of mushrooms. She ate it all except for the mushrooms, because she hates them. I enjoyed my tasting of this and thought the pasta was awesome for g/f pasta.

And we were intrigued by the soy almond panacotta dessert.  This was served with almond toffee, strawberries and a sweet orange coulis. I loved it but worried when I shared some with my sister that the soy flavour would be too much for her but she said that 'it tasted like real panacotta but a little less creamy'. I've never had real panacotta before so had nothing to compare it to but thought it was similar to the old tofu caramel in it's creamy smooth texture and loved the flavour combination.

It was a great success, everyone loved their meals and it's not everyday that I can manage to get a teenage omni to enjoy an upmarket vegetarian restaurant which doesn't offer chips.

I'm so hungree blogged about it recently, you can also read reviews based on their menu a few months ago here and here or our first review here.

201-203 Faraday St
9347 3843 


  1. congratulations on graduating K! love those croquettes

  2. Oh dear heavens. No fairsies! I have to go home tomorrow and won't be able to get to this deliciousness, and yet right now I'm dreaming of quinoa gnocchi and kimchee sides...

  3. congratulations on your graduation - glad to hear the menu is still full of interest at shakahari - I must get there again soon