Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NYC Day 5: Roots, Cowgirl's Baking, Stogo and Pala Pizza

Toby insisted on taking the hip hop hour walking tour in Harlem and despite not being into hip hop I went along with him. It was surprisingly interesting, particularly the graffiti and seeing the gorgeous old buildings in Harlem which really surprised me.

Afterwards we went to Strictly Roots- a small vegetarian restaurant in Harlem, you could order off the menu or make up a meal from the ready made dishes for $5.95, we chose to do this. Unfortunately we didn't realise that it cost more if you could more than 4 dishes, so it ended up costing us $27 between the two of us. The woman was quite knowledgeable about gf stuff and informed me that the plantains were cooked in the same oil as the fried tofu which was coated in flour so I shouldn't order them. Here is my meal plate which included beans and rice, greens, BBQ mock chicken, scrambled tofu and pumpkin. I loved the BBQ mock chicken and the scrambled tofu. I also got some yummy blueberry ice cream for $2.50.

On the way to stogo, we come across a small vegan bakery called Cowgirl's Baking and discovered that it was vegan. We went in and they explained that a few varieties of gluten free cupcakes but only had one gf cupcake left so I had to order it. It was also Taco Tuesday so Tacos were $2 each so we also got one each. I got a bean taco (the only gf variety) and  Toby got a chorizo one. The bean one was fine but I think i'm starting to dislike daiya cheese, it's got a bit of weird butter type flavour which is too strong in my opinion. The vanilla cupcake had a great texture and taste, but I think it had too much frosting which I think is an American thing.

I was still curious about Stogo, so we walked the short distance just to look at the store but then I went in and asked about their gf flavours of ice cream and they explained that the whole store is gf and vegan!!!! Stogo is an ice cream store which also sells some baked goods from baby cakes and some raw chocolates. I couldn't resist ordering their choc chip cookie flavour ice cream and their chocolate brownie flavour ice cream and Toby agreed to share it with me since I was quite full by this stage. Both flavours were perfect, the choc brownie was rich and I loved the bits of cookie dough in the other flavour. Toby asked which store I preferred between Stogo and Lulas and I explained that they were both equally awesome. But since Stogo also offers ice cream sandwiches with baby cakes cookies, it means that I don't need to decide whether I want baked goods or ice cream because I can have both.

After both desserts, I commented on facebook that NY had so many amazing desserts but the savoury gf options appeared to be a bit average but that all changed at dinner time when I returned to pala pizza. Here is a picture inside as promised:

For entree we had the crostini, which consisted of gf toast covered in tomatoes, daiya cheese, bechamel sauce and herbs. It was pretty damn tasty.

But this pizza was definitely the star of the show, I forgot the name of the pizza but the toppings were cherry tomatoes, basil, follow your heart cheese, and carmelised onions on their gf pizza base. The base was so so so so so wonderful, it was slightly crunchy at the crust and spongy throughout the rest, it was so fantastic that I had to check with the waiter that it was gf and it was. I declared to Toby that it was by far the best gf pizza I have ever had but was also quite possibly the best pizza (gluteny, non vegan etc) I have ever had. Unlike daiya follow your heart had a much more subtle flavour which I prefer too. I still can't believe that a regular pizza places does such amazing gf and vegan pizzas, Pala I frigging love you!


  1. Everything looks amazing. So jelous of that icecream! And the crustini wowww looks so tasty.


  2. Wow, it looks like you're having an amazing trip! I've heard such mixed reactions to Daiya but I'd still like to try as well as FYH.

    That is such a cute cupcake and the pizza at Pala looks awesome!

  3. Lord of the FriesJune 16, 2011 at 9:03 AM

    Thanks we're enjoying yr NYC posts.
    We'll be there soon, and hadn't heard of Pala... We'll be sure to chk it out.