Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rest of San Fran

I unfortunately got sick in San Fran but am now feeling better due some amazing Amercian medication, but it did make me drowsy and made our short time feel like a bit of  blur. It also meant that we fell behind in blogging so I've decided to combine the rest of our eating into this one post. San Fran is very pretty with it's colourful old houses and murals and hills. The hills meant that I didn't really feel like walking like I did in New York. I highly recommend doing a mural walking tour it is so much more interesting knowing about the political/social meanings behind each mural. There is a large homeless population in San Fran and there times were I felt unsafe. I'm not sure if we actually were but there a few areas that I wouldn't want to spend too much time at night. Anyway on to the food.

We went to Gracia Madre twice, which is a vegan Mexican restaurant in Mission. First time ordered an appetiser and two mains and it was way too much food. The appetiser was called Gorditas- potatoes with cashew cheese on top, so delicious.

I ordered the cactus taco dish,it had another name but I can't see it on their online menu which comes with slightly sour tangy filling, beans, rice and corn tacos on the side. The corn tortillas were quite different to other tacos I've had, they were super thick and Scrumptious suggested that it was because they are handmade rather than made it a machine. I think I preferred the thinner variety.

Toby got the tacos each one had a different filling: greens, mushrooms and plantains. He said that he liked the plantains and greens but thought the mushrooms were a little bland.

The second time we met up with the friendly Scrumptious from In My Box and she suggested ordering a range of appetisers so we had enough room for the flan for dessert. I think she is right and this is not only a better idea but also includes the tastiest dishes.The sweet potato and caramelised onion dish was probably my fav, it was called Quesadillas de Camote.

We also enjoyed some quality guacamole which comes with tortillas:

The Pozole which is a hominy stew was better than the version we have tried in viva vegan, but scrumptious explained that she has had better pozole.

The flan was pretty awesome both in texture and flavours and also made us realise that the flan that Toby made before we left  from Viva Vegan was pretty authentic.

We also went to the fancy Millennium for dinner. I had this thai rice cake, the texture of the rice cakes was unlike anything I've had before. It was combined with mild curry and fresh veggies.

And we ordered the sunken souffle which comes with salted peaches and nectarine sorbet. The combination was perfect, neither of us had anything to compare the souffle with but it was basically a nice cake.

We also went to loving hut at westfield shopping centre since it was convenient. I was told that one dish could be made gluten free, the noodle soup. Unfortunately, I had a couple of mouthfuls and then discovered a piece of gluteny mock meat. I went and inquired and sure enough it was, so they got me another one. I didn't really feel like eating it afterwards.

And lastly we accidentally ran across a farmers market which sold the amazing scream sorbet. I had the vanilla almond and Toby had the chocolate hazelnut and Strawberry Rhubarb. So good, I would like more right now.


  1. Everything looks great, though I had to lol at the size difference in those two sorbets! I'm going to go catch up on all your travel posts that I missed.

  2. Yes, I remember my first, strongest memory of San Fran was shock at the amount of homeless people around. It's quite... confronting, going from somewhere like the Ferry Plaza Market (I'm totally getting the name of that wrong) with its well-to-do folk, then seeing someone outside on the street rummaging through a rubbish bin.

    Sigh. Ah well, at least there's good ice cream around :)

  3. I *need* to go to Gracia Madre, it looks amazing! And Millennium looks good too.