Friday, July 15, 2011

Portland Day 4 and 5

So after the food coma on the previous day, K and I went back to Prasad for some healthy food. 

I had the Urban bowl, which is basically a big bowl full of steamed greens, sea vegetables, avocado and a nice garlic tahini sauce.  It was very refreshing, light and delicious. 

K had the Dragon Bowl again and a "bachelor slice", which it was a mostly raw nut based slice.  She said it was yummy but not quite as decadent it looked.

K felt like trying some of the products from wholefoods so had some dips and Mary's Gone CrackersSusan and I, on the other hand, ate some gluteny vegan pizzas.

It seems that bike riding was the best way to go around Portland so the next day we hired bikes.  We rode across one of the giant bridges and kicked start the day with some 'Taco Tofu' Nachos at Papa G's Organic Deli

They use fresh top notch ingredients and it was pretty yummy and tasted lighter than normal vegan nachos. There was heaps of stuff on the menu which can be made gluten-free but we decided to save room for other places which were close by since we were trying to try to visit as many places as possible.

We then rode to Perierra Crêperie for some crepe action. It's a regular crepe food cart with gluten free and vegan options.


We had the good old lemon sugar crepe. It was simple and awesome.

After two nice cups of coffee, we went to New Cascadia Traditional Bakery, a gluten-free bakery with vegan options.  K picked the gluten-free bagel, toasted and served with avocado and hummus. I don't think hummus and avocado were regular options but just alternatives because when K first enquired they said that the only vegan option was earth balance. It wasn't exactly what a wheaty bagel tasted like but we were both impressed with the texture and taste.

For dinner, we went to Blossoming Lotus, a vegan cafe.  People have been telling me good things about it so I went with a high expectation. There were a few parties waiting for tables which is okay, but what put me off was that it took quite a long time for us to be seated when the table become available.

I ordered the citrus ginger stir fry with rice noodles, added on tofu. 

It was pretty yummy. The sauce is made from lime, orange and ginger, a pretty delicate but tangy combination.  K thinks the nutritional yeast  sprinkled on marinated tofu is a very good idea for stir fries which we need to replicate at home.

We also had a Crispy Thai BBQ Salad.

I loved the BBQ soy curls a lot.  It was full of Thai style flavours, lime, Asian herbs, ginger,coconut...the whole gang!

I really enjoyed Portland, I think it is a really cool place to chill out but an average tourist find it a bit meh. However, for me yummy cheap vegan food, third wave coffee and amazing independent record stores are quite enough.   

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  1. Vegan gluten free crepes and bagels? I'm surprised you both came back from Portland!