Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thanh Nha Nine

Phone pics warning

This post has been sitting in drafts for months. I kind of put it on hold for vegan mofo and then I forgot. Yes bad blogger! Thankfully the post was mostly done so don't need to rely on my memory.

We had a work dinner at Thanh Nha Nine- a Vietnamese restuarant months ago. Although they had several options on their vegetarian menu I was a bit nervous about what they could offer me which was both vegan and gluten free so I called them up about a week before and confirmed that there would at least be a couple of options.

The staff member who I suspect to be one of the owners was knowledgeable about what was gluten free and suggested that I have vegetarian fish sauce in place of soy sauce which put me at ease straight away.

I started with some rice paper rolls, they were fresh and healthy with tofu and lemongrass but not quite as tasty as I wanted them to be so but were made better with some vegetarian fish sauce. I couldn't resist the three colour drink made from coconut milk, red beans and jelly.

The highlight of the night however were these mini savoury pancakes made from coconut milk and rice flour. The texture of the pancakes was like a crunchy pastry, they were topped with mock prawns and a tasty mung bean paste, it sounds weird but the texture and taste was kind of like mashed potato. They were served with more vegetarian fish sauce and coconut milk. They were outstanding but with the drink and rice paper rolls I unfortunately couldn't finish them.

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It was pretty busy even midweek so make sure you book ahead!

Thanh Nha Nine
160 Victoria Street
9427 7068


  1. Interesting to hear how much you loved the veg shrimp pancakes - I wasn't keen because I don't like faux meat much esp faux seafood - also interesting that they are GF - wouldn't have guessed that! Glad you enjoyed it and got it out of the drafts - I have quite a few of those draft posts

  2. The pancakes sound really good. I need to go back there, it's been ages since my last visit. I love the Pho that is only made with vegetables, it's delicious.