Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Westgarth Book and Cooks Cafe

Late last week a new vegan cafe opened called Westgarth Books and Cooks Cafe. It's a bookstore with a few small tables in the front and one slightly larger one in the backroom. I asked on facebook who wanted to check it out and a small group of us were keen to check it out on Sunday including Cindy and Michael, Troy, Bec x 2 and Craig.  We sat at the largest table which usually sits 6 but they grabbed a few extra chairs so we could fit. It was a bit of a tight fit though surrounded by books.

As it has just opened, there was a few issues such as the menu not being completely available and issues with the timing of dishes for such a large group. There was quite a large gap between the first person and the last person getting their dishes. Toby and I were among the last ones to get our dishes but I didn't mind as they were apologetic, they had only opened a few days before and gave us complimentary cookies but more importantly they had gluten free waffles:

The waffles were fantastic, you couldn't tell they were gluten free (no cardboardy texture or weird flavor) and the large section of fruit allowed me to feel better about having dessert for breakfast but the star of the dish was the ice cream. Made from cashews, it was smooth, sweet and amazing. I could eat a massive bowl of it.

Toby very kindly ordered the gluten free pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce so we could share. I really enjoyed this too, it really was creamy and was served with what I suspect to be cashew cream, pine nuts, parsley, onions and mushrooms. I look forward to trying more dishes when the menu is fully available.

Westgarth Books and Cooks Cafe
77 high street
Monday-Sunday: 10-6.

Shawna has already blogged about it here.


  1. looks great - I must try and get along there - bookshops with cafes are among my favourite types

  2. I am so happy about the waffles. I know how much they mean to you. ;)

  3. A cafe that serves vegan ice cream for breakfast? I'm in love. Being surrounded by books while eating ice cream for breakfast would only sweeten the deal.

  4. went to try this today and it had closed - shame I never got to try it!