Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hong Kong Day 4 and 6

On Day 4 we went to visit Toby's deceased relatives at a crematorium and honour them with incense. It's a beautiful place on top of a hill in Sheung Wan. We couldn't take photos inside of course, but here a couple from downstairs.

Then it was off to yum chan at a omni place with Toby's family on his father side. It was nice to meet his cousins and uncles/aunts but there was limited food options for me. I focused on trying all the different types of green tea. I had some choy sum and plain rice and added my own soy sauce. I also had some red bean soup.

Then we met Toby's uncle at a dessert place and I had some doufuhua  which is a traditional chinese dessert with silken tofu on the bottom, sweet syrup on top. You can choose different flavours, I got a mango one with mango puree and mango chunks. It was so sweet and filling after my small yum cha lunch. Many chinese desserts are thankfully naturally vegan and gluten free!

Toby got durian with black sticky rice which he loved and I hated because I hate durian.

聰嫂私房甜品 (no english name)

Shop 28, G/F, Metro City Plaza Phase One, 1 Wan Hang Road
Tseung Kwan

For dinner we went to Liza Veggies. Toby used to frequent the owners old restuarant when he lived in Hong Kong. They have english menus and this was perhaps my fave meal out. I had some plain rice which contained red rice and millet.

Then some gai lan. I love Chinese greens and they can often be made g/f if asked with no soy sauce.
And finally some salt and pepper tofu. This was super exciting since I had been missing out on many tofu dishes in hong kong because the sauces tend to contain wheat. It was just simple and tasty fried tofu with salt and plenty of white pepper.

However, g/f folks be careful! We returned on our last meal and I had some fried rice. Toby checked all of the ingredients with the wait staff and had 2 small bowls before I realised that there was barley in the rice. Yes unfortunately got glutened for last meal. In their defence he didn't ask for no barley, only no soy sauce and no one seems to be aware or understand gluten free or coeliac disease in Hong Kong.

Room A-D, 2/F, Harvard House, 105-111 Thomson Road,  
Wan Chai

After returning from Macau (will get to that next) we caugh up with some friends for dinner at Branto, an indian vegetarian place.  We shared some dhal.

Some aloo palak or spinach potato curry for those of you not familar with Indian menus. Also a curried potato dish but I can't remember the name. The nameless potato curry was one my faves but it did come with bread.

Then we had some papadums with salad on top. I've never had a dish like this in an indian restaurant before it was such a simple idea but kept my mouth feeling slightly cooler.

We also ordered channa masala or (chickea curry) and two types of biryani rice, the only difference we could taste or notice was that one had cashews in it.

Basically we ordered every single dairy free curry (with the exception of spinach-pea curry). The food was delicious but so so so spicy. Spicer than I've ever had in Melbourne. Toby was sweating like crazy and my nose was running throughout the meal. If you want a mild dish, I would recommend the plain potato one.  Otherwise you have been warned!

Branto Pure Veg Indian Food
1/F., 9 -11 Lock Road
 Tsim Sha Tsui

Afterwards we met up with friends for dessert which also helped cool our burning mouths. I had mango doufuhua again. This was my fave of the two, it has a better mango to tofu ratio and was slightly tangy as well as sweet.

G/ F Humphrey's Builiding
10A Humphrey's Avenue
Tsim Sha Tsui

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