Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hong Kong Days 2-3

Ok so maybe I lied about posting every couple of days but I really underestimated how busy we would be, seeing Toby's family, friends, shopping, among other things. My friend Ari actually summarised HK perfectly with his recent facebook status: "When you're bored with Hong Kong, you're bored with life". Ok so maybe its originally a famous quote referring to London, but think it applies perfectly well.

Day 2 we went to Soland, a vegan restaurant down this alley and up the stairs. There is a focus on healthy vegan food with a sign inside saying no mock meat, no msg etc.

They have a set menu which changes daily and they said there was no issue doing gluten free we had beetroot soup which was delicious with a slightly earthy flavour.

Then veggies, pumpkin, sweet potato, greens, rice with a slightly creamy cauliflower sauce. They bought out a plate with barley on it too first but then we asked gave me a new plate without that side. It was so healthy but a little bland.

My favourite part however was this mango banana soft serve parfait with dragonfruit. I could have easily eaten a massive big bowl.
3/F, 6 Gilman's Bazaar, Central District, Hong Kong

For dinner, I got another masala dosa from a Curry in a Hurry this time the time square branch in causeway bay because I was starving.

Day 2 we met up with Toby's friend Kitty for lunch at Life again. They have a slightly different lunch menu. Toby and I shared the tofu skewers with cashew sauce. The tofu was super spongy and the sauce was addictive.

The burger consists of smoked tofu, mostly rice based patty with sweet potatoes and salad on the side. It was awesome.

We also got a sweet potato stew which was served with tofu, broccoli and quinoa. The stew was made with g/f beer which had quite a strong beer flavour.

Also did I mention that my low sugar thing was put on hold while on holiday? I had the gf vegan chocolate mousse cake which is made from tofu, it was rich and could have used a but more berry sauce to break up the flavour. But I still managed to finish it all with a little help from Toby.

After lunch we went to  Dr Sun Yat-Sen Museum. It was interesting learning about how his efforts in setting up republic of china during the Qing era. Besides it only cost $10 HK dollars (roughly $1.2 Au dollars).

For dinner we went to Kung Tak Lam. Toby ordered some greens without soy sauce and fried rice without soy sauce, mock meat etc. I was thankful Toby could explain my requirements in Cantonese because even in Cantonese there was a bit of confusion with the waitress saying that soy sauce doesn't contain wheat but she eventually got it.

The fried rice was delicious thanks to pine nuts and seaweed. I did add a bit of my own soy sauce but that's because I'm addicted to salt. Toby had a gluteny mock eel dish, which frankly sounded gross to me so I didn't mind missing out but he liked it.

Kung Tak Lam
10 F, World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Hong Kong

This pack of mini soy sauce packets was a life saver throughout the trip. I got it from an allergy store in Causeway Bay called Little Giant. They had actually just expired but I didn't mind.


  1. Wow everything looks amazing but especially the for at Life. The burger looks great & the mousse cake, yes please!

  2. We went to Kung Tak Lam and it was really good. And a great view. Those tofu skewers, and the dragon fruit, and the choc mousse, all look so good!