Thursday, July 12, 2012

Munster Haus - Now Open For Dinner

Life has been crazy lately, just really busy, we actually have lots of things to blog about but need more time. A friend of mine recently alerting me to the fact that Munster Haus is now open for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. We haven't been since they first opened which we blogged about here because we so rarely go out for lunch and kind of forgot about it.

We went last week and they had plenty of gluten free options and was the perfect quick and quite healthy meal. All of the meals are precooked or salads. You can choose the bowl size and as many options as you can want, the medium bowl ($14) seems to be best for me whereas Toby opts for large ($18).

This one had so many delicious parts including a quinoa salad, sweet chilli type tofu dish, roasted potatoes, fried polenta squares, rice balls and more with two dips on top, a tofu based sauce and another one which I think was chickpea based but was very different to hummous. My fave parts were the roasted potatoes, polenta squares, the chilli tofu and the tofu dip but it was all tasty and great to have so much variation.  

We enjoyed it so much we went back this weekend, with friends of ours who had there first dinner out with their baby.  They also talked to the owner about it being pram accessible and a staff member explained that dinner is fine but lunch tends to be very busy.

They had different meals but also a few of the same dishes, I had the potatoes, chilli tofu and the tofu dip again. Also some brussel sprouts, a chickpea dish, salad, some plain rice, another dip and much more.

Toby is a huge fan too, he tends to choose the high protein dishes and fell in love with a Japanese style broth with tofu and veggies last weekend so much that he tried to recreate it at home with no success.

It will definitely become a regular eat out option.

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Munster Haus
371 St Georges Rd
North Fitzroy
Mon - Thu: 09:00-16:30
Fri - Sat: 09:00-20:00

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