Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunflower Organics Cafe and Wholefoods Store.

We love Daylesford so was very excited when we received a very generous voucher for accommodation and entry to the Hepburn spring spa. We went last weekend and we had a great week enjoying the usual places like Chocolate Mill and the Himalaya bakery. The spa was excellent and contained something called spa couches which were truly amazing!!!.

We also went to a new vegan cafe called Sunflower Organic Cafe and Wholefoods store which had only been open for a few weeks. We tried to go for dinner one night but discovered it was closed so went back the following morning for breakfast. We had both had the sunflower big breakfast. They made mine gf by replacing tempeh with plain tempeh and choosing potato rosti instead of the toast. It contained baked beans, tempeh, fried tomatoes, spinach, mushroom and the rosti. It was enjoyable, I loved the thinly sliced and fried tempeh but I did add some more tamari to flavour the spinach. Also the rostis were a little undercooked. The service was excellent though and they were so excellent about making things gf. The breakfast is normally served with fried apple which I'm so curious about but they didn't have any that morning.

I couldn't resist trying just a couple of their raw desserts, I had the orange chocolate cake and the lemon ball. Both were sweet and tasty but the orange choc cake was my fave because it was so creamy.

Sunflower Organic Cafe and Wholefoods store
1 Knox Street
5348 3637


  1. this sounds great - I was looking at going to daylesford on the long weekend but decided to do it another time and am glad I did because this place is now on my list of places to visit

  2. Breakfast envy does not cover it. That looks supreme!

  3. Fried apples? I am so intrigued. Please go back so you can blog about them!

  4. Oh yum, what a great looking brekkie. I'd have definitely taken a slice of the chocolate orange cake too.