Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Purple Patch- Sandringham

Our friend Craig has recently started working at a vegetarian cafe called Purple Patch in Sandringham. I went along with vegan friends a few weeks ago who had similar fry ups to the ones Cindy blogged about with tofu scramble, deep fried 'sausages' and loads of  other fried things. Craig listed a range of things which are gluten free and savoury but then suggested that he have a go at making some gluten free pancakes. As you all know I have a sweet tooth so I said yes but was a little dubious, you can't just make up a gluten free pancake recipe can you???

But then this amazing plate arrived with a stack of soft pillowly pancakes, a berry cream cheese sauce (why haven't I had a cream cheese sauce with pancakes before?), bananas and maple syrup. It was A-MAZ-ING. Seriously some of the best pancakes I have ever had, including gluteny ones. My gluten eating friends also enjoyed the bits I shared.

If you ask nicely when he is working I'm sure he would make them again.

I also enjoyed a take away coconut raspberry slice.

Purple Patch has also been blogged about by Veganise This.

Purple Patch
19 Bay Road


  1. How wonderful that you were able to get gluten free pancakes. I really need to go back and try their fry up! I totally missed it last time as we didn't notice the second blackboard and it was exactly what we were hoping to find there.

  2. Wowie, those look amazing! I've had french toast with cream cheese, but never pancakes. Yum.

  3. a cream cheese sauce sounds great! my mum says she makes pancakes for my GF sister and niece a lot because it is easier than scones (her other easy bake) - she just uses a packet of GF flour! Sounds like an interesting place

  4. WOW they look fantastic!! This Craig fellow must be an awesome friend?!
    I hear that the breakfasts are delish also and the yo-yos xx

  5. I have to say the pies from this place are fucking incredible - I'm not sure who their supplier is? They are so meaty that I called to complain, but they said they receive these calls a lot. Whoa. Yum. Wanna go back.