Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Inner West Food Suggestions?


Just a quick post to say that we are alive just life has been a bit hectic at the moment, especially since we are the middle of moving house. We haven't moved for several years so forget how much stuff we have. I was talking to someone at a party the other day about the popular blog called zenhabits which focuses on minimalist living, so I have been reading it for inspiration at night, so trying to declutter as we move but its so muck work. Remind me if I buy any new clothing/kitchen stuff in the future to get rid of at least 2 things. On the bright side, i'm looking forward to having room in our new place for a dining table, a proper garden and hosting a potluck in summer time!

No, it's not us!

I wondered if any of you know of any vegan and gluten free food options in the inner west, particuarly around yarravile, footscray and seddon? I know a few vegan options but struggle a little with the annoying gluten free.


  1. no suggestions sorry but good luck with the move

  2. You've already found the Vietnamese joint in Footscray with the vegan 'pork' rolls (Tan Truc Giang), and there's also the pretty great (but often slow-serviced) Bo De Trai which Toby knows about. You must have been to Vincent Vegetarian Supermarket before too? I'm not sure about Seddon... Common Galaxia may have something but because it's got a Scandinavian theme, there's plenty of fish and meat too. And bread. Surprisingly nothing jumps out Yarraville wise either. I guess you're not too far from White Lotus in North Melbourne now - probably equidistant from your previous area?

  3. I recently ate at Shebelle (Ethiopian/Moroccan) in Footscray which was awesome: http://appetiteaffliction.com/2013/01/shebelle-ethiopian-moroccan-restaurant-cafe-bar/

    Africa Town in Footscray also has vegan options (I've been told by a vegan friend, though I've never eaten there).

    And, AND - there's also some Indian restaurants along Barkly St West Footscray (near Blandford St) and an AWESOME Indian grocer along there too.