Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Olive oil and butter

Hi, remember me ? Just realised I can blog while feeding my son!

Olive oil and butter is a Greek cafe/bakery. They have at least one sweet bakery item which sadly my coeliac disease stops me from trying and reporting on. They recently started offering all day breaky on the weekend which includes a vegan and gluten free option. Their polenta is creamy and porridge like but not lacking in flavor, served with slow cooked beans (gigantes) and avocado. They somehow manage to pull off both slivered almonds and crispy fried shallots together too. 

Bonus points for having high chairs and interesting flashing lights which together with a friendly waitress helped entertain my 9 month old son.

It's also been blogged about by Mel hot or not and Consider the sauce

Olive Oil and Butter
196 Sommerville rd
Kingsville (tiny suburb near yarraville and seddon)


  1. that breakfast looks great - I think I managed to blog while Sylvia slept when she was little - how I miss her sleeps! nice to see a post here - though I did do a double take :-)