Monday, July 7, 2014

Life cafe

We are back in Hong Kong and since being gf is hard here. Im going to try to blog my meals. Although I've already missed a few things.

Hong Kong is such a crazy city. I feel like I still love it and hate it. I always get whirled into shopping too much even now when I have no money. This city makes me want to go out more, see more, do more but then I get tired and over the heat and the crowds and just want to retreat.

I'm seeing a new side to it at the moment though. Its no particularly baby friendly, I'm glad for baby wearing because I think prams and strollers would be tough here.  Also parent rooms are hard to find especially areas to breastfeed privately. But it's also nice seeing so many people playing and talking to our 9 old month old son. He's been loving the attention and seeing his HK relatives and all the neon lights.

Anyway, on to the food.

First meal that I managed to take photos of was this delicious kale risotto. This was so much better than it sounds. Brown rice risotto cooked in wine with crispy tofu 'bacon'. My bowl was licked clean. I also devoured their sweet potato fries with a garlicky aioli type dip and a juice. Toby enjoyed his big vegan breakfast. We will definitely be back.

Life cafe
Hong Kong


  1. That looks like such a great risotto, the crispy tofu bacon looks especially amazing. I hope to make it to Hong Kong one day!

  2. good to hear you are enjoying Hong Kong - why are prams and strollers hard - is it because it is too crowded or too many stairs or ???? Love crispy tofu bacon on risotto