Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gluten Free potluck reminder and info

I'm having a gluten free vegan picnic potluck this Friday in Brunswick at 7pm. If you are interested in coming then email me at inthemoodfonoodles (at) (gmail) (dot) (com) and I will send you the details.

Also a reminder that wheat, oats, rye, barley are NOT gluten free. Also gluten sneaks its way into all sorts of unsuspecting food items and MAY be in your soy milk, spices, mustard, vinegar, soy sauce (Braggs and Tamari are fine), corn starch, icing sugar, and lots of other items. Also, spelt is NOT gluten free, neither is malt. Surprisingly though, under Australian food law, glucose, glucose syrup and caramel colour are "gluten-free", even if derived from wheat, as the wheat is so highly processed, there is no gluten detected. I found this list kind of helpful. If in doubt just drop me an email. If you check every single tiny ingredient though you should be fine though.

Also, it would be awesome to bring copies of your recipes, so that I can double check items just in case and hopefully add a few more amazing gluten free vegan dishes to my repertoire.

Hope to see you there!


  1. thanks for the link - looks helpful - will double check my ingredients as am planning to be there

  2. Awesome, looking forward to seeing what you make :-)

  3. Just found your blog via Johanna at GGG. Can't wait to see what else turns up at your potluck! :)