Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Go Max Bars, Red Skins and one sweet blogger

In my last gluteny days, the very thoughtful Mandee (who I have never actually met) sent me some Go Max bars via express post so I could try them. They are unfortunately not gluten free due to one small ingredient- malt powder. I got to try one of each of them before I started eating gluten free, and here are my thoughts:

These pictures below are taken from the go max foods website because 2 of my bars didn't make then home in time for pictures :-)

Each chocolate bar is coated in rice milk chocolate, so even those crazy dark chocolate haters can enjoy them.

The Mahalo bar reminds me a lot of a bounty bar except it also has peanuts nestled amongst the coconut and top chocolate layer as you can see in the pic. (Toby pointed out Mahalo means thank you in Hawaiian)

The jokerz, was my favourite, it has roasted peanuts, caramel and nougart and reminded me a of a snickers bar.

The twilight, is super caramely, and also contains nougat.

The Buccaneer, reminded me of a milky bar, with it's simple but delicious nougat.

Thanks Mandee, it was incredibly sweet of you! You can read her post on them here. Now Go Max, please please please try to make them gluten free, or even just one gluten free version. They are available at the Cruelty free shop.

In other lolly news, Lidia alerted me to the fact the individual sized red skins and toffee apples lollies that you might find at a lolly shop or servo are in fact vegan. I found them at the lolly shop at Northland. But for some reason the smaller version that comes in a packet at the supermarket are not vegan. Now I just need to go back and check if they are gluten free. If you are interested in vegan food updates like this or know of other interesting vegan food updates, I created a facebook group called Aussie Vegan Food Updates.


  1. I love that the Jokerz was your favourite, because that's the only one I bought and reviewed on my blog (as it looked the best to me). And Red Skins? Memory lane! I *loved* those things as a kid, and the way you could make them all twisty and bendy while eating them :D

  2. How sweet of Mandee! Those candy bars all look pretty delicious, lucky you got to them before having to go GF.