Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yong Green Food you make me ...

Edited to add: Ok the original title was yong green food you made me sad but since this negative review, I have received an apology (see comment), refund and had lots of gluten free meals there. See more recent reviews  here and here.

On the weekend, we wanted to eat out somewhere where I was confident that I could get gluten free meals and I remembered from a previous visit that Yong Green Food had several meals that were clearly marked as gluten free and lots of raw food which tend to be gluten free so I though I was pretty safe. I ordered the sandwhich with cashew bread, the filling was tasty and beetrootish, and the bread was raw and gluten free but kind of tasteless and cardboardy, still I was happy to have some bread.

yes more camera phone shots, ooops

Toby, being the sweet husband that he is, ordered a gluten free meal so I could have some. He chose the thai green curry. My first bite was what I thought was a piece of potato but turned out to be some mock meat. I thought it felt gluteny, but since it was marked gluten free maybe it was soy based. Toby asked the waitress what the mockmeat was, and she responded that it was wheat based chicken. She asked if it was ok and I explained that I was allergic to gluten. Instead of being assertive though, I just felt really disheartened and Toby and I really didn't know what to say. Eating even a small amount of gluten can damage the small intestine and cause a range of nasty symptoms for coeliacs! A friend asked later about it, and the staff explained that it was an error on the menu or the menu had changed or something lame. No refunds offered, no real apologies, nothing! If I can't eat at a mostly raw vegetarian cafe, where can I eat? I actually like the food at Yong Green Food like the raw cheesecakes, but how I trust you after this? I really need to employ some of Rachel's awesome letter writing skills

It especially sucked because the day before I had attended training Hotel Grand Chancellor where I was given a gluten free meal- a salad with croutons hidden at the bottom. I only discovered them when I ate into one. It was only my first proper g/f week and the two times I had eaten out I had accidentally eaten gluten. And to make matters worse, they weren't even tasty gluten bits. I'm going to stick to Tart n' Round for a while.

Yong Green Food
421 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy


  1. Hi This is Sunju at Yong Green Food. Sorry that we were not cautious. We changed the error on the menu but the wait staff must've given you the old menu which were not corrected. I would've refunded money if i had known. Anyway we don't use the mock chicken in thai curry any more for coeliacs. I can guarantee that it won't happen again. And when you come again, the meal will be on the house. The staff didn't mention to me about what happened to you. I will make sure next time you can trust us and have a pleasant dining experience. Thanks. Please mention your name when you come. Hope to see you again.

  2. Thanks for your response, I'm glad that you are taking it seriously! I just hope that you will be more cautious in the future, so that other coeliacs don't accidentally eat gluten again. It really does take only a small amount of gluten to do damage to the intestines, which can result in a range of side affects depending on the individual.

  3. Ahh that really sucks, Kristy!

    The girls there are sweet - I'd imagine they are the type to lose sleep over your review so I'm pretty sure they will take your info on board.

  4. Kristy you are a whiny self indulgent twit. Get over and accept the apology gracefully instead if being a self righteous ass. I hope you dnt go to yongs again they don't need whinging losers like u in there. I'm celiac too btw but I know ingesting a tiny amount of gluten now and then ain't gonna kill me.

  5. You're a whiner Kristy. People aren't out to get you.

  6. To Anon, see the comment of the top of the blog.

  7. If it was only your first actual week of being "gluten free" then what is the big deal?

  8. anon, the big deal was that I didn't pay to be glutened, and was quite clear when ordering that I needed it to be gluten free. Also, it meant that I felt horrible for next few hours.

    But if you read the first comment on my blog, I've gone back since and had lots of great meals and am grateful that they took this post seriously, changed their menu and apologised.

  9. Actually Anon, you are very much mistaken/misinformed if you think all coeliacs can ingest a little gluten and be ok. I have been a coeliac for 8 years and on a trip to QLD 3 years ago, I ingested some gluten while eating out and spent the next 24 hours on a drip in the hospital to replace lost fluids from the whole night spent vomiting and with diarrhea. I had never been so sick in my life and was whisked from our beautiful hotel in an ambulance. I am going to Yong in a few weeks so was googling to check if they had GF options, glad it seems they take it seriously now.