Sunday, March 14, 2010

Las Vegan's revisited and Ciders

When I was in the hospital, the amazing Kristy bought me food from Las Vegan for lunch and Trippy Taco for dinner.

We looooooooooooove Las Vegan. When I used to have days off during the week, I went there for lunch very often. Kristy could, however, rarely go there as they only opened during lunch from Tuesday to Friday.

They started serving dinner on Thursday and Friday from July last year. It is a good news for Melbourne Vegans but the cafe is sometimes a bit empty when we are there for dinner. I hope they can get more dinner customers as they are working extra hard for us.

We ordered the satay rice balls with gourmet salad, sloppy Joe on rice, with gourmet salad and chips to share. (sorry, the photos are too blurry, so just use your imagination)

Sloppy Joe is my all time favourite dish. It is made of TVP and chopped mushrooms. It tasted good as a burger filling and topping on rice. They make TVP calzones as well. They are very yummy but not gluten free though.

The satay rice balls were freshly made, served with homemade satay sauce. The super-crispy rice balls are kind of like risotto balls but made with brown rice.

They are now serving Henry of Harcourt vegan cider on Thursday and Friday too. I haven't tried it yet but I heard lots of good things about it.

Talking about vegan cider I've recently tracked down some Coldstream Apple Cider from Blackhearts and Sparrows. It is delicious, vegan friendly but so bloody strong (1.8 standard drink in a stubbie). I enjoyed it on rocks. They are $4 a pop or $20 for a six pack. You can also enjoy it on tap at Mamasita, a new vegan-friendly gluten free Mexican restaurant.

Weston Organic Perry cider is also awesome. They are pretty pricy in Melbourne. I bought the 500ml bottle for $7.8 at Carwyn in Thornbury and I guess it is the best deal you can get.

On my walkman:
Alopecia - Why?

Kristy said that the gluten free potluck and lots of other posts are coming up soon.


  1. I hope your hospital food wasn't as bad as mine was on my stay last year - can't imagine how they deal with vegan as it was hard enough to get vegetarian food - am sure you were so pleased to see kristy appear with all the great food! how sweet of her! Hope you are doing ok!

  2. Hmmm, if they decided to start delivering to Canberra, they'd get at least one more dinner customer. Though I guess there's the whole 8-hour by car issue to surmount first... :P

    Hope you're feeling better, and that there is much more delicious TVP in your future!

  3. Las vegan sounds awesome! Crispy rice balls YUM!
    Im interested what type of vegan food do they give you in hospital? I work in a hospital but none of my patients have ever ordered a vegan meal.
    Melbourne seems to have so many more vegan eataries than Adelaide does.


  4. Thanks for the thoughts!!!

    They said they can do vegan food in St Vincent 's and I only need to write stir fried tofu, chickpea casserole or nutmeat(!!) on the form myself. I got my order once out of 4 times.

    The other time is just like a normal meal minus the chicken/beef. Oh. And can you believe one of the options you can choose is "Veal Salad" (So "gourmet" for a public hospital)

    Hannah, You have Au Lac though. :-)
    Johanna, they have Vegetarian options but no protein.
    Nice to meet you, Rose!

  5. Hi Toby, just coming back to this post because I noticed that this week Dan Murphy's has Coldstream cider on sale, $15.90 for a six pack.

    Their web page is a bit confusing with the prices ( but their email newsletter says $15.90/6.

  6. Toby,

    I'm still kind of confused.. Found that you guys had written on this through a google search, but am finding conflicting information - did you end up finding out if Rekorderlig cider is vegan? Matt