Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ganaeshaas Villas

I'm back, I've finished my thesis so I've finally going to have a bit more time on my hands to catch you up on lots of yummy food adventures.

First up, a long long time ago, a small group of us went out for vindaloo against violence, we wanted to go to veg nirvana but it was booked out, tried to go to ganesh on st georges rd but it had closed down. So we went to Ganaeshaas Villas.

It's a tiny slightly run down looking place that is all vegetarian but I was pleasantly suprised by how g/f it was. They were also to ensure that we only had vegan dishes.

Most of us had the combo deal below. It was tasty and super filling and not too spicy even for us mild eaters. I can't believe that the masala dosa was g/f, so yummy. I'm a little rusty on details since it was so long so I'll let the pics doing the talking, but I will certainly go back.

(this one clearly wasn't g/f but the rest is)

Ganaeshaas Villas
4B Cramer St
9471 9399


  1. My friend Em is hosting a small vegan BBQ/potluck on the 17th before we go to roller derby. S & D will be coming, would you and Mr. T like to come? Her place is an apartment in the CBD, note far from Melbourne Central.

    Congratulations on your thesis being finished!!

  2. Congratulations!! I'm interested to know, do you feel a big sense of relief? When I finished my Honours thesis last year (granted, it was only 28,000 words) I kinda felt... blank.

    I was just thinking this morning that we hadn't heard from you two here lately, and was hoping all was okay! Great to see you back with yummy eats :)

  3. OMG I WANT TO GO THERE. I haven't had dosai since we moved to Melbourne, there used to be a great place near our house and I miss it so much! And these ones look great!

  4. Congrats on finishing your thesis! It must be such a relief.
    All of the food looks awesome! Adelaide is certainly lacking in vegan eateries :(


  5. Congrats on the thesis! And good luck with your publications, too. That food all looks really great!

  6. As demonstrated in the photo above, I thoroughly enjoyed this meal.

  7. congratulations on finishing your thesis - hope it is a weight off your shoulders - look forward to hearing more food - and that is great that masala dosa is g/f - I always love ordering it