Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shakahari's new menu

A few weeks ago we went to Shakahari's for a friend Marisa's birthday. It's been over 6 months since our last visit there so I was pleased to try things from new menu, which carried over a few of the older dishes like 'avocado magic' and 'satay legend' with lots of new options too:

For entree, Toby had for 'bright idea chestnuts' which consisted or ravioli filled with chestnuts, soy grits, herbs with a mushroom based soy sauce. He thought it tasted a lot like regular dumplings but really enjoyed the sauce.
And I couldn't go past the buckwheat flatbread, because it's such a rare thing being able to eat gluten free bread with dips. It was served with a tangy citrus cashew dip. I really liked the dip and enjoyed the flatbread, although I could see that it might be a bit disappointing for those that can eat regular flatbread, because it reminds me a little of stale bread. But I am definitely not complaining!
We both shared two mains, first the croquette chinamoon which remind me a lot of the old quinoa croquettes. It contained yam, potatoes, macadamia nuts with a sweet chilli sauce. This was our favourite dish of the night.

And the 'potpie'. I can't remember the exact name of this dish and it was stupidly on the page of the menu that I didn't photograph. However, it was much more of a casserole than a potpie. It had a risotto pine nut bottom, with roasted vegetables and soy cheese on top. Served with garlicky greens on the side. The pine nut flavour was the overwhelming flavour, although not quite what I expected.

I was intrigued by the look of the quinoa and sago dessert so ordered it. It looked pretty cool and was fine, but I really do hate all desserts with quinoa, so had wished that I had ordered the tofu caramel.
Overall, the food was really yummy and I'm relieved that they have continued to offer plenty of gluten free dishes. See Steph's review here for more feedback about the new menu.

201-203 Faraday St
9347 3843


  1. This food really does look delicious. Especially the croquettes! Ive never actually tried quinoa and dont even know what it is.


  2. OMG awesome. We are going there for my birthday on Sat and I'm so happy there's yummy new things (but still the legendary avocado rolls mmm) I think the chestnut ravioli and the croquettes sound yummy!