Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sometimes the simplest things are the best. This breakfast/snack is so simple that I questioned blogging it but I've lost my blogging mojo lately so it's either this or nothing at the moment.

I'm fond of tartex, as you may remember from my greasy crazy fried tartex experiment. If your not familiar tartex it's a brand of vegetarian pate from Germany, they have a wide range of flavours too! I remember when we were leaving Germany we had some in our hand luggage and a security man stopped us and said that we shouldn't have it since it was over the liquid limit but they would let it go since they also loved tartex. I even saw it sold in a large chemist!

So this simple lazy pairing involved tomatoes from our friend Troy's graden which were friggin out of the world. Seriously who knew that such tiny tomatoes could be bursting with so much flavour? 

And some shittake asia tartex, which is out favourite flavour so far. Anikee (from radical grocery) swears the pesto flavour is the best but we haven't tried it yet. And a tiny bit of shaved cheddar cheezly all served on some g/f toast. Seriously this was perfect!

What is your favourite tartex flavour?


  1. I'm a fan - and Anikee is right!

  2. Well, tartex is something ive never heard of let alone tried! What type of shop is it sold at? coles or healthfood shops?


  3. I loooove Tartex! We haven't seen the Pesto or Shiitake Asia flavor in US though. Perhaps I should start enquiring...

  4. I love Tartex. I just finished off a tin of it last night. We usually use it for "happy hours" when we're away with Zac's family. I think the Shiitake one is my favourite (although we've only tried one other one and I thought it tasted pretty similar to the shiitake one). I'm gonna have to try it with tomatoes- that sounds really good.

  5. I'm glad you posted this because i've never heard of it before and must get some immediately!

  6. Oooh! I *just* saw this at a health food store the other week, and spent about ten minutes picking it up and putting it back because it was quite pricey and I was scared it wouldn't be worth it. So... I should be rushing back to buy it now, right?

  7. Elizabeth, i got some so I can compare.

    Rose, you can find it at some larger health food stores and cruelty free store.

    Vegan in brighton and wheekers, i know it's so awesome. Pretty great that we can get here!

    Shawna,it's a great combo.

    Carla, you have to try it.

    Hannah, yes!

  8. I've never heard of Tartex. It looks fabulous! I'll check for it at the one shop I know of here that carries a lot of European foods you can't get elsewhere.

    I love love love that kind of simple snack, especially for breakfast. Discovering decent vegan cheese made all the difference in the world - even a tiny bit just kind of holds the whole ensemble together.

  9. Wow, all these Tartex fans! The Cruelty Free shop has both shitake and pesto so I'll have to give them at try now :)