Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daylesford Revisited

Last weekend, Troy and Bec invited us to go a day trip with them to daylesford. We visited all of our favourite vegan friendly places except for the conti banquet because we only there during the day. First we went to Himalaya Bakery, I had the exact same dish that I had last time: the gf toast with white bean dip and spinach and tomatoes. It's simple but nice. The white bean dip is creamy and gf toast is great and super filling. Although, we took a gf loaf home and put it in the fridge which seemed to destroy the texture completely. Please excuse the phone pics, I forgot my camera!

I also got one of these little cute little desserts, I forgot what it was called but it kind of resembled fruit cake which I don't like. I've had other gf desserts there before and enjoyed them and if you can eat gluten you have to have the cherry danish!

And I couldn't possible visit Daylesford without stopping by at the chocolate Mill. I frigging love this place. They sell a range of individual belgian chocolates and even have little signs saying which ones are vegan and which ones contain gluten. Most of the dark chocolate ones are vegan and Bec discovered that a couple which don't have the vegan sign could be make vegan if you make a bulk order like the pina colada chocolates. Toby and I got a box of chocolates which included cherry, cinnamon, mint and cardamon varieties.

We also go a couple of the macadamia chocolate blocks and I had one of their large rich hot chocolates which is basically melted dark chocolate and soy milk. Here is a before photo:

and an after shot:

While in daylesford we also checked out a waterfall and a few stores including the Mill Market. Such an awesome day!

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The Chocolate Mill
5451 Midland Hwy Mt Franklin
10am to 4.45pm (opened 7 days)

Himalaya Bakery
73 Vincent Street Daylesford


  1. I have been thinking about a day trip to Daylesford for awhile & after reading this post I think I am going to have to go & exactly copy your day - sounds awesome!

  2. Have you been to the Harvest cafe / health food store?

    I've been to Daylesford twice, and IDK why I've never been to the Chocolate Mill, it's now definitely on my list.

  3. Vicki, you should do it!

    Joanne, have to visit!

  4. Ooo the Himalaya Bakery! I have awesome memories of my visits there last year. And I love Daylesford. Such a beautiful place with a really cool vibe. I didn't get to the Chocolate Mill though but remember wishing I could every time we passed it.