Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bomb Cafe- Special Gluten Free

I still think that Bomb has the best scrambled tofu in Melbourne, but sadly it's not gluten free so I've been missing out for a while. A friend of ours recently started working there and so Toby secretly asked if it was possible to make it gluten free for my birthday. Toby took along some gluten free tamari and they made me my own special version. It was a great surprise! It was still just as great gluten free, still had the same slightly sweet, slightly salty, slightly oily flavour which I love so much.Their gluten free bread is not vegan, so I had it some fried potatoes. I think that their secret is the purple onions. Perfect hangover food, and I don't even drink!

They also made me a special strawberry milkshake, although without ice cream so it was more like granita, but quite delicious.

Thanks Toby and Bomb Cafe staff!

I'm not sure if they will do the gluten free scrambled tofu for others, so you might want to call to check.

See our gluteny reviews here and here. The now extinct more to love vegan was the first blog to introduce me to this cafe. I couldn't see other veg reviews of the cafe, but goggling bomb cafe related to bombs exploding in cafes so if I've missed your blog which isn't meaty then please let me know.

Bomb Cafe
229 Johnston St
9486 0699


  1. That looks like a great tofu scramble & I love the idea of getting to have potatoes instead of bread, yum! Hope you had a great birthday.

  2. how thoughtful of toby and sweet of the staff - sounds like a great place if they will put themselves out for you - love a good tofu scramble

  3. that's so sweet of toby to set that up for you. props to him! and i love purple onions, but sadly have not gotten a chance to eat them for a while.

  4. ps- i seriously want to go to australia. they seem to be so much more gluten-free vegan friendly! way ahead of the us.

  5. I too would be happy with potatoes instead of bread! And that is such a good b'day pressie!

  6. Sounds like an awesome birthday meal. Hope the rest of your day was just as good :)

  7. Wow! Really cool, very nice toby. and it looks delicious too! :)


  8. Bomb's tofu scramble is probably the best I've had anywhere. I miss that cafe. Dry, flavourless scrambled tofu is a plague in Portland - the dish is served everywhere, and I've never seen it done well.