Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Veggie Kitchen- G/F Banquet 2

The famous JP and flux from vegan fitness visited Melbour recently which was a great excuse to visit Vegie Kitchen. Toby and I attended with about a dozen others including the uproar guys and a few Melbourne vegan strength guys. I've blogged about veggie kitchen a few times, once with the regular menu and once with the gf adaption, this is their new banquet. Once again they were able to provide g/f alternatives with all of the dishes. Many of the dishes were same as previous with a few new ones too.  Please excuse my phone photos. Since our last visit I also noticed that they have little v and g symbols on their menu to show what is vegan and gluten free.The banquet costs $28 and is pretty good value, look what I got:

Apple sprout soy milk, this has quite a strong flavour similar to asian style soy milk:
Lettuce delight, I think the only difference is that I get nuts instead of mock meat in mine:

This was probably my favourite course, I can't remeber what each one was called but each one was a different version of mock meat, I loved the one with pineapple but the fishball was also good and I don't even like mock fish.

This was probably the only dissapontment of the night, every else got mock meat with their rice and I had plain rice:

This was similar to the last banquet with tofu and veg covered in tofu skin and a healthy stew. The stew had all sorts of interesting things like gingko nuts and chinese red dates.

For dessert we had the option of a silken tofu red bean dessert or Tang Yuan (sweet rice sweet potato ball) with soy ice cream which I forgot to take a picture of. We had the tofu dessert which I enjoyed but I know it's a bit of an unusual dessert for people who haven't had it before.

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159 St George Rd

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