Monday, June 23, 2008

Gooey 'Cream Cheese' Brownies

While I was typing that last post, I had these Gooey Cream Brownies in the oven. I saw the recipe over at Pamela Cooks here which is a variation of the vegweb recipe that has gotten plenty of good reviews.

I again made a mistake. This time I put the mixture it in a pan which was too big and so it was flatter towards the end than it should have been in my silly attempt to stretch it to fit the pan. So one tiny part is a little overcooked and crunchy but I cut that part away and the rest is amazing. I was worried that the cream cheese would be over-powering, but it was perfect. I am so making these again and again and again. They are rich and not cakey which I dislike about some brownie recipes.

Straight out of the oven

A closer look inside

and again

I've discovered that She and Him makes perfect baking music, thanks to Claire. What do you like to bake to?


  1. Those brownies look amazing!

    She & Him are great to bake to. I also like to bake to Billie Holiday, The Brunettes and Otis Redding. And I like to listen to Jimi Hendrix when I am making a big weekend breakfast.

  2. Ohh Otis Redding is a good suggestion. I can't believe we don't have an Otis Redding CD, how is that possible?

    And yes breakfast cooking is different music again!