Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Introducing the latest member of our household:

She looks like our old cat Molly who sadly ran away which is not our intention, we just have a soft spot for shy cats. We decided a couple of weeks ago that we have finally moved on enough to get another cat and were planning on going to the cat protection society or another shelter to get one when a friend called to tell me that there has been a cat at her local vet clinic for the last 6 months that they can't find a home for because she is so so shy. Within 24 hours we went and visited her and she was shy, but Molly was extremely shy too and eventually warmed up to us quite well. The good thing about shy cats is one they have warmed up to you, you know that you have earned their affection.

Anyway, we fell in love with her straight away and brought her home about an hour ago. We expected her to run and hide like Molly did considering how they described her but instead she has been exploring our tiny place and already shown a liking for playing with an elastic band she found on the floor and our scratching post. Here she is with the elastic band:

The pics don't do her justice, she looks like she has black patches but they are like a nice deep grey and she has a very fluffy tail.

The vet clinic named her 'button' which we had planned to change but considering she has had the same name of 6 months we might just leave it.


  1. Hi! glad you found my blog, and thanks for commenting. yours is awesome - i'm new to melbourne and don't know too many other melbourne bloggers. ps your cat is way too gorgeous!

  2. Oh my goodness she looks so sweet! Congratulations on your newest addition. Nacho does the same thing with a hair tie that I leave on my wrist--usually when I'm sleeping. "Button" looks super fluffy and adorable!!

  3. Hey Phillipa, thanks, you should come to the next Melbourne vegan brunch.

    Theresa, thanks and ouch that would hurt on your wrist!

  4. Button is gorgeous, Kristy. Both my girls came from a vet clinic and it was good to be able to give them a home. Her markings are beautiful :) xox

  5. She's a gorgeous girl, and her clothes-rack-climbing and elastic-band chewing remind me greatly of our younger cat, Floss. I hope I am not being an internet a-hole or worrying you unnecessarily by telling you this, but Floss just had to have surgery after she ate a rubber band and three hairties (slurped them down while she was playing with them). She puked two of them up on her own, but the other two had to be surgically removed (at no small cost to her doting house-staff). Just thought I would warn you in case Button has developed the same habit of actually eating the bands (rubber in particular causes inflammation of the bowel in cats, according to our vet).

    On another note, I just discovered your blog and I love it!