Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More from Las Vegan

I finally got to go to Las Vegan Bakery a couple of weeks ago. Mr T and I shared two TVP dishes, both his recommendations since he's the Las Vegan expert.

First the TVP calzone with the gourmet salad

and then the TVP burger

Both were supper yummy. I'm sad that I don't get to go there more often because it's only open for lunch Tue to Fri which is when I'm at work.

While I was there I went out the back to wash my hands and I got chatting with one of the owners and told her that I have been enjoying their Soup for All Seasons cookbook and have made two recipes the Spicy Morroccan Pumpkin and Chickpea Soup and the sweet potato and lentil (more on that in a sec) and she said to me 'did you blog about it?'. To which I replied 'yes', I was so shocked that I almost fell over. I'm so glad it was a good review, it would have been quite awkward if it wasn't.

Anyway, on to the next trial from the cookbook. The sweet potato and lentil soup is probably one of the easiest in the cookbook which I love. So much so that I have made it twice, once without soy sausages and once with. I was a little concerned that with such a simple recipe that it would lack flavour, but it doesn't. It also doesn't hurt that sweet potatoes are one of my fav vegetables and it makes up a large part of the flavour. The first version without the sausages was good, but the addition of the sausages makes it great. It's definitely on my list of recipe to make again and again. This is the first version without the soy sausages which you can see doesn't look as pretty as the books pic.


Again sorry about the camera phone pics.


  1. I love the sweet potato and lentil soup as well! Except I've been making it with pumpkin. And it's so easy. But my favourite so far is the dutch pea... yummmmm.

  2. Miss C made this the other day with the soy saugas and oh wow... phenomenal!

  3. I hope they read these comments and see that other people like this soup too!

    Lisa, I will give the dutch pea a try.