Thursday, October 30, 2008

Food/drinks when your sick

So I've had this horrible gastro for the 24 hours and looks like it is going to stay for at least another 12 hours or so. Don't worry I won't go into details just wanted to blog to distract myself from how bad I'm feeling.

Growing up my mum would always feed me toast with Vegemite and flat lemonade when I was sick and I still love those things when I'm sick. Ok maybe not love, but I still eat them except I replace the Vegemite with sanitarium's marmite because it's not made by kraft and has more minerals in it. She also used to feed me poached eggs on toast which I obviously no longer eat.

I've also started having peppermint tea, ginger beer and salada's with marmite and margarine when I'm sick. In Hong Kong everyone swears by eating plain congee, but I couldn't get into having it but have eaten plain white rice in desperate times.

What food/drinks do you eat when your sick?


  1. Oh you poor thing! Gastro is just awful :(

    I'm also a fan of Saladas and plain toast; my mum used to give me plain crackers and flat lemonade - I think it's a universal mum thing!

    I had really bad gastro a few months ago and after finally going to the doctor she told me I could eat toast with jam or peanut butter ... so I went home and made a PB&J! Not the most sensible thing really ...

    One thing I totally suggest is Hydralyte (like Gastrolyte but a different brand) - it's vegan and makes a world of difference.

    Hope you feel better soon :)

    xx Miss T

  2. My sick food also involves Vegemite. I swear by a really plain Vegemite and cheese sandwich on crappy white bread. When I was younger it was Kraft tasty cheese slices, now more likely to be Tofutti slices. But the white bread is really the key. Bland, easy-eating and way comforting!

    Miso soup is also a favourite sickness solution because it's tasty and easy to eat and super-healthy, but I only discovered it as an adult.

    And yeah, my mum gave me lemonade too!

  3. saladas and flat lemonade graduating to vegemite toast when on the mend. This was also the bulk of my diet during my first trimester of pregnancy since I felt sick all the time... I can't imagine eating salad.

    I hope that you feel much better soon you poor thing!

  4. tomato soup with too much garlic and too much ginger.

  5. Soup, and saladas, icy poles like zooper doopers, and it used to be eggs as well, but no more, i tried scrambled tofu when i had my tonsils out and it wasn't a hit... lol x

  6. plain toast. and lots of warm drinks like tea and water. never had flat lemonade though. when i get really bad hayfever i always crave sweet stuff and gatorade-y type drinks

  7. Veggie soup and ginger ale...I guess ginger is meant to calm your tummy, but it's probably just a psychological thing, considering all the sugar and artificial flavours involved.

    Being sick always seems like fun until you actually are sick and remember how much it sucks.