Friday, October 31, 2008

World Vegan Day

Sunday's celebration of world vegan day was great, it was great to see so many friends there. I also managed to convince not 1 but 3 people people to enter the vegan speed dating and while I don't think any of them had perfect matches they had fun. It was also great to see it held closer to the CBD. The two small downsides were that there were not many food stalls selling lunch items and those that were there are regulars (enlightened cuisine, coco loco etc) and that it felt a little cramped especially when it rained in the morning. I also missed the soul veg food stall.

I did however discover two new food product sellers though:
Tart'n' round where I walked away with a brownie, caramel fudge slice and cherry bliss balls. The brownie was good but the caramel slice and cherry bliss balls where amazing. They are not cheap, but are gluten free.

I also enjoyed some of the dips from vegie gourmet. It's good to know that you can get even more dairy free dips and pestos from our local coles. I sampled a whole heap but especially enjoyed the pestos. Photo taken from their website.

There was also a person with a range of new vegan patties which I've already seen in my local safeway. I didn't get to try them though.

Speaking of non-food items. I like the look of the shoes from: artic vegan but can't find the website, anyone have it?

I must be getting better as I can actually discuss other food items, although am far away from eating them.


  1. Oooh, I tried that caramel slice, it was yum! Didn't purchase though, as you pointed out they are not cheap.

    I did get to try the vegan burger patty things. I had seen them in my supermarket prior to WVD so it was good to have a taste test. I love that they are clearly marked VEGAN but unfortunately the bits I tried weren't very nice.

    Get better soon! You poor thing.

  2. i got the caramel slice. so ridiculously sweet. i had a headache. i can't believe i ate the whole thing.

    nice to meet you!

  3. i wish i could have been there! sounds like a good day out.

  4. Oh dear God, how good was Tart'n'Round??? I am currently nursing n obsession with the chocolate peanut butter balls; loved the caramel slice (although it took two goes to eat it, it was so solid and sweet); was pretty imnpressed with Buzz's rum'n'raisin fudge thing, although it's not usually my thing; and wish they were stocked somewhere closer to me (not that I checked out their website asap or anything). I agree they're kinda pricey though; def not just for a why-not purchase.

    Miss T

  5. Arctic Vegan's website is coming soon and the owner has booked an ad on aduki for when it goes live.

    WVD was great! I thoroughly enjoyed my curry 'lamb' lunch!

  6. Gf and vegan caramel slice? Sounds like reason enough to move to Melbourne!