Thursday, October 16, 2008

Damn oven cupcakes*

I should have lots of food pics but don't really, without access to the internet I haven't had the motivation to photograph food.

This is one of the toasted coconut cupcakes with coconut pecan fudge icing from VCTOTW.

It's the first thing I baked in my new oven, unfortunately I ruined them or rather the new oven ruined them. The switch on the oven doesn't sit right so it's hard to tell what temperature it is but I stupidly thought I could figure it out.

These cupcakes were quite crunchy because of the new oven but the icing was good although maybe a little too sickly sweet for some (not me though).

I've since got a oven thermometer so I can tell what the temperature is and have become friends with my oven and can bake properly again.

Off to catch up on blog reading now...

* I take back the 'Damn' now that we are friends. I decided to name them after watching the kooky film waitress


  1. Awesome - I love that movie!!!

  2. how did the move go? Your cupckes are making me hungry.