Saturday, December 27, 2008


So apparently making several dishes for xmas day and last minute wrapping wasn't enough for me. I stupidly decided to make not one but three types of truffles and box them as extra gifts for all of my family on xmas eve. Instead of going with my tried and tested truffle recipe, I decided to explore others.

First I went with should you eat that's peanut butter truffles which I think would have been perfect if I used crunchy peanut butter and NOT used sweet williams 'milk' chocolate. It has an obviously soy taste that lingers even after you add the other ingredients. Still out of the three types of truffles these ones were the easiest to work with since the mixture is less liquidy. I think if I used dark chocolate they would have probably tasted better than the oreo peanut butter truffle version I made last time.

Next I followed Vegan chef's recipe for very easy vegan truffles and divided the mixture into two. The first batch was just plain white chocolate. I was going to coat them in shredded coconut but it sucked so decided to just coat it in white chocolate. I was pretty happy with these.

The second batch also contained white chocolate and I decided I wanted a raspberry flavour. There are quite a few under-aged kids in my fam so I couldn't just add liquor though, so I stupidly decided to add raspberry jam (st dalfour expensive sugar free jam mind you). I added little by little until I could taste it and I ended up having to use a whole jar. Then of course there was too much liquid and they were too soft, so I added in one and half packets of oreos. I then rolled them in ground oreos. These were still too soft though and didn't keep there round shape at all. Also the jam contained raspberry seeds which were slightly annoying. These were probably my family's fav. It's strange that my accidental truffle that went wrong in several ways was their fav. To say thank you for a friend, I decided to use the remainder mix to make into balls and coat in white choc, which overpowers the flavour a little but keeps much better shape and texture.

Anyway this is my very public reminder to myself to not make truffles for a very long time. They take too long and I don't have the patience for the constant rolling into small balls. They especially shouldn't be done the night before xmas when you have a thousand other things to do.

Pics were taken with a camera phone because my camera battery died.


  1. They look great! But I know the feeling .... 'Someone' decided that she had to make the best cupcakes ever for her family Xmas (as I think I described to you in loving detail at the potluck) but ended up making collapsed PB ones, not being able to ice very nicely, icing the wrong cupcakes with the wrong icing, scraping it all off, having a little sook while Buzz got creative and iced them for me, telling him they were lovely but that I had messed it up so bad that they looked like a ten year old made them and they weren't leaving the house and did he know how critical my family can be, making a very bad batch of PB choc shells because I lost my annotated recipe that had all my changes to make them better, and ending up taking half the cupcakes and the shells to Xmas but presenting them on those cute pink and green plates I got from Savers so that they just looked kitsch ...


  2. Well they look good even if you weren't happy with their texture and it sounds like your family loved them too!

  3. They look like they were worth the effort!

  4. The pain of the last minute christmas rush! They look awesome though. Miss T, lol. We've all been there. Three cheers for Buzz!