Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Date night

We went to Abyssinian and shared the vegetarian banquet. You can't really tell from the picture below but this is huge and took up most of our table for two. We couldn't finish it. Unlike previous
Ethiopian restaurants we have been to the dishes weren't overly spicy and I was reminded about how much I really love to eat with my hands. This restaurant can be summoned up in one word in terms of the service, decor, taste etc as:


Afterwards we went to a lake in
Moonee Ponds for a little walk only to discover that half of the lake is missing as they are doing work on it. It didn't stop us discovering and appreciating these cute creatures though:

We also went to the drive-in where I snuck in a small tub of Mr T's favourite
gelato flavour: bounty from Fritz gelato.

The Abyssinian
277 Racecourse Rd
9376 8754
Mon-Sat 5.30-10pm


  1. Great date night! I have never been to an Ethiopian restaurant but your food looks yummo.

    Nice changes to your blog, too :)

  2. You couldn't finish it??? Lightweights! ;p

    But yeah, the food there is amazing and so is the service. That pic is making me want to go. Now.

  3. I love ethiopian food so much, your photo is seriously making me hungry. Sounds like a really nice date!

  4. I just heard about the abyssinian the other day, I'm looking forward to checking it out!

  5. you guys are the freaking cutest people i know! and i LOVE ethiopian food! yum!

  6. I am instituting date night forthwith. I want Abyssinian!

  7. You all really have to go!

    Emily, it was a lot.

    Thanks Pip!

    Miss T, I can't see Luke protesting :-)