Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Moonlight Mini Potluck

Unfortunately tickets to the moonlight cinema sold out before the gates even opened, but that didn't stop Mr T and I sharing food and having a great time in the botanical gardens with Cindy and Michael from where's the beef. I was probably the least prepared that I have been for a potluck and Mr T didn't have time to make anything as it was a weeknight and we only realised on Monday that it was the following night (my fault, I thought it was on thu). I made the five minute coconut fudge from my sweet vegan which I was pretty happy with. But it took me two times as the first time I added regular sugar instead of icing sugar. Any idea what to do with fudge like mixture with regular sugar?

And my savoury muffins which were under cooked and I think might need some more tweaking. I added more basil this time and rice milk but they weren't as good.

I also baked some chickpeas with salt and nutritional yeast which would have been great if they weren't soggy or if they had more time in the oven. Apparently 30 minutes isn't enough in a really old oven. And I brought along some turkish bread, olive oil and dukkah. Since we were going to see slumdog millionare which is filmed in India, I decided to bring it all in a tiffin. I wish I had thought of it earlier, I might have made it an Indian themed night.

Cindy and Michael made tempeh and tofu sushi which was very yummy and might even inspire me to try to make sushi in the future:
and some sort of cardamon spiced biscuits which were shaped in adorable moose shapes:

They also took us to Markov Place which I was so impressed with that I might have my birthday drinks there.


  1. I haven't used My Sweet Vegan yet, maybe I should start out with that fudge! Could you use the 1st batch as icing or as a filling for something? If it tastes ok could you just eat it as is?

    I haven't been to a Moonlight Cinema for a few years, great idea to have potluck at one!

  2. I am so cross I couldn't go! It all looks fab; I think I must get a copy of MSV now, and those moose biscuits are adorable.