Sunday, April 18, 2010

Munster Haus- the new veg cafe on the block

We decided to check out the newest veg cafe to open in Melbourne- Munster Haus with Lisa, Cindy and Michael on Sat. I've been wanting to check it out since it opened a few weeks ago but haven't had a chance since it's only open at lunch time (mon-sat). It is worth noting that while it is all veg at the moment there is a sign stating that they may also introduce bonito and anchovies at some stage but will be a predominately veg cafe. It is buffet style kind of like the tofu shop which is not surprising since the chef used to be a tofu shop chef but it's cheaper. So you get rice and choose your own combination of dishes. There were 4 hot dishes and plenty of cold dishes. There wer only about 3-4 non-vegan dishes amongst about 11 and I got the impression that options change quite regularly.

I chose a small bowl, I forget how much it cost but despite it's deceiving size it filled me up.
There was only a few gluteny dishes: two tofu dishes and the cous cous salad. So I still managed to try quite a few options. I had the chickpea bake, cold tempeh and brococli dish, and indian style rice balls (with chickpea flour, yay), roasted potatoes, and cold pumpkin. I enjoyed it all, particularly the chickpea bake and the herb roasted potatoes. It felt like a good home cooked meal but with lots more options.

Toby chose a medium plate for $11:
Toby said his his favourite parts were the tofu in broth and the cold tempeh broccoli dish.

Toby had a soy latte and said that it was ok.

I love all the wooden furniture.

It was reasonably priced, delicious, not too far from home and healthy so we will definitely be back. The only downside was I didn't notice any vegan desserts.

Munster Haus
371 St Georges Rd
North Fitzroy


  1. It's great that new veg places are opening up. Your meal looks delicious, particularly the chickpea bake.

  2. Teehee, I was just thinking "ohhhhh, they didn't get dessert [sad face]" when I saw your last words. So I forgive you for not eating non-existent food :D

    I do like the look of that tofu in broth... but post-Europe I'm on a bit of a tofu kick, so that might be influencing me!

  3. I agree entirely. (It's going to be difficult writing a post about this that's any different to yours!) Lovely setting, decent prices, high quality but home-style food. It's great to have it in the neighbourhood as a weekend lunch option that's not too junky or pricey. Not sure what to think about the anchovy/bonito warning, though...

  4. Mandee, we kind of need new places since we have had a few veg restaurants close recently.

    Rose, it was great.

    Hannah, they do have dessert options just no vegan ones that I could see.

    Cindy, that is the one benefit to not blogging in order, I get to get in first :-) As for you post, what about your comment about the tempeh? Or what the tofu dishes taste like? Toby didn't go into much details and I thought my dish descriptions were kind of vague about texture flavour etc.

  5. I haven't eaten buffet style in ages, so the slightly sloppy mixyness of your plates look really delicious. How exciting that new places are opening up!

  6. So hunting for somewhere to eat on Friday and this was ACROSS THE ROAD. HOW DID I MISS IT?

  7. The tofu with broth was my favourite too - yum comfort food. Then I liked the chili tofu. Then the tempeh broccoli. Will be going back!

  8. we went there for lunch today (it may become a monday habit since it's easier than going home and cooking on my short monday lunch breaks). i can't remember what the 4 dishes i had in my small bowl were but they were all really good. the broccoli tempeh was nice and i had something with mushrooms and aduki beans that was nice as well. i think i had some ginger tofu and then a chickpea and pumpkin stew. lots of really good choices.

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