Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yong Green Food II

We finally went back to Yong Green Food after Kristy was "glutened". I was very excited because it has been two months and there were lots of thing I wanted to try.

After we ordered, a friendly girl (I guess she is Sunju but not sure how she figured out who we are) approached Kristy and said:
"I guess I owe you a meal."

We told her we appreciated the offer but she doesn't need to do that . At the end she still took the price of the Thai Green Curry off our bill.

Kristy ordered the Raw Nachos (Sorry for the out of focus camera phone photo, I blame Nokia):

Instead of the boring corn chips, we have some yummy raw crisp flax crackers. It came with three different dips: cashew cream (pretty smooth), guacamole and sunflower seed tomato dip. She loved the dish especially the rich tomato dip which had a nice chilli kick to it and was impressed with the creaminess of the cashew 'cream'. Whilst it was obviously not the same as cooked nachos it was an excellent dish. Kristy said she was very full after this one dish. I guess there are lots of nuts in this dish. Lots of nuts = lots of protein = road to awesome human performance.

I looooooooved my grilled mock tuna on rice (Sorry for the photo again):

The "tuna" (not G/F) is the one you can get from mock meat shops and some Asian supermarkets. It was crispy on the outside and had a very rich fishy flavour. It came with a wasabi soy sauce, a purple cabbage coleslaw and some steamed vegetable.

I also had a vanilla soy ice-cream with red bean. The ice-cream was just the normal So Good one but the Japanese/Korean style red bean was awesome.

I reckon it is a smart choice to offer both raw and cooked food, as raw diet is not everyone's cup of tea especially on cold days. I would go back for more as there are lots of choice (and gluten-free food for Kristy) and the dishes are not too pricy ($12-15 for a main and $8.5 for burger/wraps).

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Yong Green Food
421 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

On my walkman:
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  1. I had some raw flax crackers in the US and they were fantastic - if only Canberra had a raw food restaurant!

    Glad to hear the trip/meal was unproblematic for Kristy this time :) And I'm now planning to buy a can of sweet red bean paste and some So Good ice cream - thanks!

  2. I would never expect free food from a new veggie restaurant, even if they did something wrong, but I do find it a bit unprofesh that the offer was made and then rescinded...

    that being said, the food does sound yummy, and i will have to try it out sooner rather than later :)

  3. Those meals look good! Has the menu expanded recently? I don't remember seeing these items when I was there...

  4. Hannah, make sure you get the best Japanese one. :-) They are not mashed/paste-ish but whole bean.

    Louise, we declined the order but I guess the refund/exchange of a dish is okay in my book. They have also rectified the matter by stop using wheat chicken in the G/F curry.

    Cindy, I guess they have a new menu now. I will go back and try the pho one day.

  5. hey you two must be famous bloggers to be recognised when eating out :-)

    glad you were happier about your meal this time around - and your mention of pho tempts me

  6. You guys are so embarrasing and lame I cringe at ur posts.