Friday, April 2, 2010

Tofu Shop

I don't blog about the the tofu shop very often because despite it being a veg cafe the owner is anti-vegan and super argumentative, so if you are vegan and are planning on going and an older man is there beware or just don't advertise your veganism, all of the dishes that have dairy in them are clearly marked. We used to go all the time and stopped all together because of him, but now go occasionally if we are in the area because we like the food. Also, he seems to be in there less and less and all of the other staff are friendly and pleasant.

The tofu shop sells healthy type bain-marie style food, and contains a few tables outside or you sit on the stools inside.

The food generally consist of four hot dishes and a range of salads and cold dishes. They also sell falafel, samosas etc in a pie maker, but I always opt for the bain-marie options and generally get a bit of all of the vegan dishes. The options always vary. My favourites are generally the hot tofu dishes, the tofu is generally amazing! Toby always gets a extra bowl of rice and then a bowl of food, as you can see below. But I always get a medium bowl with a small amount of rice, so that there is room for ice cream. I highly recommend the tofu dip and the satay sauce which you can get to compliment each meal. It's also pretty g/f friendly with the dishes that contain gluten clearly marked.

It's great when you feel like homestyle healthy food but can't be bothered cooking.

My other favourite thing about the tofu shop is the tofu soft serve ice cream, there is only one flavour at the time but changes regularly from green tea, to rosewater and raspberry, chocolate etc. This time they had strawberry ice cream. We both adore the ice cream, but i've heard that soy haters find the soy flavour too strong but after vegan for 7 years I can't detect it all.

Tofu Shop
78 Bridge Rd, Richmond
Weekdays 12-8
Sat 12-5


  1. I always find the portions at the tofu shop a bit small for the price... but the quality is amazing.

  2. I hate unhelpful grumpy staff, its certainly a turn off isnt it.
    But oh that softserve strawberry icecream mmm yum!


  3. The tofu soft serve makes me want to put this down as a definite for when I next visit my brother in Melbourne... but I really hate when staff (at restaurants/shops/anywhere) make me feel uncomfortable. I remember being followed around a health store once by a woman who clearly thought I was about to steal sulphur-free dried apricots or something... I didn't go back for at least a year. But tofu ice cream!! Want!

  4. in my experience, everyone who works at the tofu shop - except for the anti-vegan man in question, have always been lovely! the tofu sauce is amaaazing as is the satay and i always leave feeling pleasantly full and oh-so-healthy. i'm lucky that this place is a five-minute walk away from home :)

  5. Lisa, I agree it is a little pricey.

    Rose and Hannah, the softserve really is great.

    Louise, I agree everyone else is friendly. He could learn a lesson or two from his staff members :-)

  6. That tofu softserve looks awesome. Will have to go try it when i am in Richmond this week.

    I've never understood the dude at tofu shop. Why hate on some of your best customers?