Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taco Salad

We have been without our computer and internet for a while but finally have it back and our computer is bigger and faster now, yay! This is an old blog post that kep getting pushed aside by other things. When Toby got out of hospital, I stayed at home the first few days with him but after that he was on his own. He couldn't heat lunches or go out for lunch himself so I had to make something that could be eaten cold. For the first couple of days I just gave him bread rolls and had my own gluten free heated lunches, but it was too much work making dinner and two different lunches. It was also quite hot at the time. We often eat nachos which are one of our favourite meals but my weak stomach often punishes me for the corn chips and oil. Whereas, this had a small amount of corn chips and felt healthier. This isn't really a recipe but basically I just combined shredded lettuce, tomato/bean salsa (just cumin and chilli added to tomatoes and beans), nacho cheezly and sour cream and then added crushed corn chips. It was so simple, and easy for Toby to eat without having to prepare anything. I think it would make a great picnic meal too. It's not too great for Melbourne weather at the moment though.


  1. Love nachos! We just bought a pack of corn chips so I think nachos are in our near future...

  2. Awesome salad idea. You could try replacing corn chips with pitta chips - cut a flat bread into little chip sized pieces, brush with a little water or oil, and sprinkle on some spices to flavour, then bake in an oven till crispy.

  3. Theresa, they are so addicitve.

    Marisa, great idea. Though I would need to try it with some g/f pita bread.