Friday, May 7, 2010

Vegetarian Nirvana Cafe- a vegan coeliac's smorgasboard

I went to veg nirvana with a small group of friends a little while ago. Veg Nirvana is a vegetarian Indian restaurant in Richmond with lots of vegan options. I inquired about gluten free menus and was given a special menu that had all of the gluteny dishes crossed out, as you can see below, there was not many dishes crossed out:

Everyone ordered one main dish each and everyone chose gluten free and vegan dishes, so I could eat all of them. I really do have awesome friends!

We shared some crunchy deep friend onion bhaji which comes with an addictive tamarind chutney
and a Indian style potato salad called aloo chaat:
This mushroom curry called shabham curry was the most popular amongst everyone:

I loved the tangy flavour of this aloo mutter dish:
We also had this aloo gobhi:

and many others including the smoked eggplant dish, dal makhani (with kidney beans) which was probably my second fav dish, a kofta dish (also super tasty) and I forget what else. Some of the tomato based curries tasted quite similar and kind of blended together in my mind, but all of them were delicious and it was so awesome to be able to eat so many dishes.

Vegetarian Nirvana Cafe
486 Bridge Rd
9428 1408


  1. The mushroom curry is awesome!

  2. I adore tanginess in curries (and most food, really, bar chocolate). So lovely that you've found a safe restaurant with so many options. Massive win!

  3. I need to go back here and nom my face off.

  4. wow I love that menu with dishes crossed out - more restaurants should have these optional menus!

  5. Rice Queen on Smith St will bring you a similar least for vegans, if not for g/fs (maybe they have one of those too?)...why have not many veg melb food bloggers been to Rice Queen yet?!? so yum!

    ps-Veg Nirvana is lovely...glad it's in my 'hood :D