Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pressure Test Tempeh Stroganoff

As you might know, Kristy and I are big fans of Masterchef Australia. Although season 2 is way too melodramatic (Contestants can't stop bringing up unrelated personal stories and the three judges constantly try to make them cry) and lack of show stopping dishes, I still enjoy the show as I am passionate about food.

I saw the recipe card of the Pressure Test Beef Stroganoff at Master Chef's official supermarket and decided to make it for dinner. Conveniently, they sell Spring Gully Gluten Free Worcestershire Sauce which was labeled "suitable for vegans". The recipe ask for 500g piece of beef, so I grabbed two packs of 400g Simple Soy original Tempeh from Asian supermarket as my "core ingredient" (we doubled the recipe).

Kristy suggested Tastebook's Vegan Heavy Cream/Creme Fraiche Substitute recipe, which is basically Tofuttii Cream Cheese, soy milk and lemon juice.

vegan crème fraiche

Sweet paprika flour coated Tempeh


caramelizing sliced mushroom

I did a few sets of Russian Kettlebell Goblet Squat when the Stroganoff were simmering. Yes, I'm a hard living comrade.

no handmade fettuccine

The end product tasted very nice, even though I sort of burnt the tempeh and mushrooms. Matt Preston might say it is disgusting..........(insert Ad break) delicious.

Talking about Master Chef Australia, ex-vegan ex-contestant Skye is selling some raw vegan sweet treat at the Northey St organic markets in Brisbane (check out her website). Marion and Adam (my favourite!) were both food bloggers. I still haven't got the time to read all of old entries but they both look very nice.

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  1. Hmm. I just typed out a rather long comment but my computer glitched, so I think it's lost. Probably for the best, as I think it was a rather self-focused comment about my similar dislike for the Masterchef melodrama, my love for Callum, and my irritatingly-already-expired tempeh from Coles.

    So no I'll simply say that this tempeh version appeals to me FAR more than any beef version good, and bravo on your hardcoreness. I'm more likely to eat chocolate while cooking dinner.

  2. Looks good (and way better than the beefy version!)

    I love watching MasterChef too but like you guys, I preferred it last year. This year there is way too much drama, sob stories and not enough awesome food. Although it still gives me inspiration as so many of their recipes are easily veganised.

    And I think we should incorporate MP's ' good' comment into more of our blog posts from now on!

    Also go Skye, I hope she does well selling her Raw vegan desserts, maybe a restaurant will snap her up and make her their pastry chef.

  3. Great post! And the stroganoff looks yummo.

    I didn't realise Marion and Adam were bloggers! They are both my favourites, I'd be happy if either of them won. The others are meh. I agree there is a lot of personal storytelling this year, but I thought there was last year, too. I figured that because the good storytellers got to the top last year it had probably become a model for the current contestants.

  4. Wow, that looks amazing! I love stroganoff and have barely had it since dropping meat. I'm immpressed you could be bothered with what looks like way too many steps.

  5. @Hannah, I'm not hardcore at all. I haven't been working out for almost a week cos of my soreback. I just try to fit in some "exercise breaks".

    @Mandee, last night was pretty good though. Jamie Oliver is a good lad.

    @Lisa, Adam was on twitter too.
    "Weekend: Masterchef audition, Sydney pubs, lunch in Erskineville and lots of zipping around on aeroplanes. 12:51 PM Oct 13th, 2009 via web"

    @Niki, I guess I will make it for the potluck. :-)And it is not that hard.

  6. now that would be a good masterchef challenge - to make a classic meat dish vegan - love the look of this one - and was interested to have a quick look at marion and adam's blogs - I love aaron's snarky comments but the drama is just silly

  7. Andy and I made vegan mac&cheese for Andy's brother and his girlfriend, who both commented on the fact that Masterchef needs some vegan challenges! Imagine a taste-test of nutritional yeast-based cheese sauces -- that would be a challenge. Much better than their 'vegetarian' challenge which just involved deep frying cheese.

  8. Thanks!
    @Theresa, they should follow the footstep of Top Chef:

  9. I made this tonight but with tofu instead of tempeh & it was really good. However I did not do kettlebell squats while mine was cooking :)