Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Castlemaine and Daylesford Part 2

So Kristy and I headed up north from Castlemaine to Harcourt. There are quite a few wineries and even a cidery. I have never been to a cidery so we went to the home of four different vegan ciders: Henry of Harcourt.

I thought we could check out the orchard, how they press the apples and brew but those activities weren't available. But I guess tasting all the ciders there was good enough.

Chooks @ Henry of Harcount

I skipped the Pink Lady cider that I've had a few times at Las Vegan and started with the amazing Perry($5/500ml), a cider made of Perry Pears. It tastes similar to Weston Organic Perry cider but drier (still sweet enough) and more nature. The second one was Duck and Bull Cider($7/500ml), a Pink Lady and Yarlington apple cider. It tastes a bit sweeter than the Pink Lady cider and has a nice aftertaste. The third one was Last Apple ($15/750ml), a non-sparkling apple wine. It was pretty nice but I prefer wine made of grapes or pears (like this 2 quids El Cheapo).The last one was the amazing Yarlington Mill ($20/750ml). It smells and tastes very very very very very nice. I have never paid $20 for a bottle of cider before, regardless the size. Well, I have now.

Henry of Harcourt
219 Reservoir Road,

Harcourt VIC 3453

The guy at Henry of Harcourt informed us Mount Alexander Winery is the place to be, so we took his advise.

The winery is ran by a couple and two cute dogs. We tried their Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cabernet Shiraz. We both loved the Shiraz and were amused by the awesomeness of the Cabernet Shiraz. I'm not an educated wine drinker and all I can say is that Cabernet Shiraz is an interesting wine. It has lots of layers and transforms in your mouth. Both of the Shiraz and Cabernet Shiraz are vegan. They use egg whites to filter the Chardonnay but I forgot if their Pinot Noir is vegan.

The gang of booze and my new Keepcup

Mount Alexander Winery
410 Harcourt Road,
Sutton Grange, Victoria

We also revisited Chocolate Mill at Mount Franklin. We were there around two years ago and tried all the vegan-friendly chocolate and the soup mug sized hot chocolate. This time, in additional, we watched the demo they do at 11am and 2pm every day.

They explained that, unlike other commercial chocolate manufacturers in Australia, they use only high quality
Callebaut Belgian Couverture chocolate, with no vegetable fat or palm oil. They are pretty vegan and gluten-free friendly and cater for different dietary requirements. All their dark chocolate, apart from Acticoa Dark (63.5%), are vegan.

They sell vegan filled chocolates at the shop for around $8 per 100grams, including dark chocolate dipped apricots, orange slices, candied ginger pieces, cardamon discs, cinnamon sticks, my favourite Dark Cherry Lips and Kristy's favourite Peppermint Leaves. We ate them all before we have chance to take photos but you can see some of them from our last post.

lots of chocolate
Mini Willie Wonka chocolate river
5KG of Belgian Chocolate. (No, you can't get it from Costco)
Mr "Chief Taster" turned the chocolate brushed mold upside down.
They called it the "Chocolate Rain"


5451 Midland Hwy, Mount Franklin VIC 3461

On the Walkman:
Moonshot - Buffy Sainte-Marie


  1. Sounds like a great trip! I want to go to Henry of Harcourt & drink cider!

  2. Nice! Can straightedgers get straight apple juice from Henry of Harcourt?

  3. Hey, new background - nice!

    The mini chocolate river cracked me up. And I think your favourite Chocolate Mill chocolates are my favourites too. :-)

  4. I've had a hankering for cider for a year or so now (in the sense that I've never had the real alcoholic kind, but think I'd love it as I'm a fan of beer and not-too-sweet drinks) - the ones you tried sound amazing. And now I"m off to re-read your chocolate mill post. Chocolate, woot!

  5. I have to go to the Chocolate Mill! I am so tempted to order some of their chocolate with hazelnuts online but I think I can wait 7 weeks!

  6. @Vicki, we can pop the Yarlington cider open to celebrate the arrival of mini Vicki.

    @Veganator, they tell bags of apple for like, 5bucks. You can juice it yourself. :-)

    @Hannah, the Pink Lady one is pretty dry. I prefer sweet one though.

    @Mandee, Choc Mill is not that far to drive to. You also need to check out CocoLoco!

  7. Imagine being chief taster at a chocolate factory. Dream job!